Lovely Runner starring Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon: 5 surprising Easter eggs hinting at a potential wedding

Lovely Runner stills featuring Byeon Woo-seok & Kim Hye-yoon (Images via Instagram/@tvn_drama)
Lovely Runner stills featuring Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon (Image via Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Lovely Runner has entered the final week of its broadcast, with episode 15 set to release on May 27. Fans hope for the show to have a happy ending and have observed multiple Easter eggs throughout, which seemingly hint at the potential wedding of Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon) and Ryu Sun-jae (Byeon Woo-seok).

Lovely Runner follows the story of popular K-pop idol Ryu Sun-jae, whose sudden demise turns Im Sol, his passionate fan's life upside down. Given a chance to go back in time, Im Sol puts all her efforts into protecting Ryu Sun-jae from the events that could lead to his death in the present.

Lovely Runner's Easter eggs hint at Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon's wedding in the rom-com drama

1) Red dots on Im Sol's cheeks and forehead

In episode 9 of Lovely Runner, Im Sol is seen sleeping while her grandmother draws three red dots on her face: one on the forehead and two on her cheeks. During traditional Korean weddings, brides are usually seen with these red dots on their faces as they are a symbol of protection from evil spirits, as per The Knot.

2) Cheongsa Chorong

Cheongsa Chorong lanterns in Lovely Runner (Image Via X/@starwings45)
Cheongsa Chorong lanterns in Lovely Runner (Image Via X/@starwings45)

Cheongsa Chorong are traditional lanterns that were put up during wedding ceremonies in ancient times. These lanterns feature in the scene where Ryu Sun-jae is teaching Im Sol how to ride a bicycle in episode 5 and when the two visit Baek In-hyuk's (Lee Seung-hyub) village in episode 12. This Easter egg has fans excited about a potential wedding in the show.

3) Im Sol brings Korean traditional chicken soup (Samgyetang) for Ryu Sun-jae

In episode 3, Im Sol's grandmother cooks three chickens on one of the hottest days in Korea. Simultaneously, Ryu Sun-jae is discharged from the hospital following his shoulder surgery. As Im Sol wishes for Ryu Sun-jae to eat a healthy meal, she steals two chickens without her grandmother's knowledge to give him.

Samgyetang (chicken soup) is usually served to the son-in-law during a traditional wedding ceremony to welcome him into the family.

4) Ryu Sun-jae's father's daughter-in-law reference

Episode 10 of Lovely Runner depicts Im Sol's concerns regarding Ryu Sun-jae’s health and an upcoming event that could lead to his death. She tries to convince Ryu Geun-deok to send Ryu Sun-jae to America so that he can focus on his physical rehabilitation.

When Ryu Sun-jae and Baek In-hyuk (Lee Seung-hyub) dine together, Ryu Geun-deok reveals Im Sol's concerns to them. Ryu Geun-deok then states that Im Sol was so worried that he thought she was his daughter-in-law.

5) Yeonseo University's legendary saying

During Im Sol's time slip into the year 2009 in the episode 9 epilogue, she witnesses a major change in her and Ryu Sun-jae’s lives as the two attend the same college affiliated with Yeonseo University. As per a legendary saying of the institute, if two people kiss during their first field trip, they will get married in the future. The show features Im Sol and Ryu Sun-jae accidentally sharing a kiss, which has led to anticipation surrounding their possible marriage in the fandom.

Following the second time slip, Im Sol returns to the present and sees her brother Im Geum (Song Ji-ho) married to her best friend Hyun-joo (Seo Hye-won). As this scene occurs before the field trip, fans believe that a marriage in the upcoming episodes is possible since Im Geum and Hyun-joo also share a kiss at the MT.

It is important to note that these are seemingly Easter eggs and fan theories and it is yet to be seen if they become a reality.

Episodes of Lovely Runner, starring Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee, and more, air every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and TVING at 8:50 pm KST. The rom-com drama also airs on U-Next in Japan and Vidio in Indonesia. Lovely Runner is available on Viu and Viki for international viewers in selected regions.

Edited by Adelle Fernandes
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