5 Mandy Moore movies and tv shows to watch if you liked her in Grey's Anatomy

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Mandy Moore has a range of stellar acting credits. (Image via Getty)

During a stellar run that has already resulted in 20 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has given fans a range of memorable characters, including Mandy Moore’s Mary Portman, that form the very crux of the show. A highlight of the ABC series is how it manages to bring in meaningful cameos as patients that the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy work on.

Several patients have had interesting backstories, with quite a few emerging as victims of tragic situations. One such character was Mary Portman, who was in the hospital during a shooting initiated by Gary Clark. Mary had come to the hospital for a minor procedure for her husband, but ended up being one of the witnesses on the scene.

The character featured in multiple episodes, and gave Moore a breakthrough with respect to her acting career, back in 2010.

Here, we look at five other TV series/movies that fans might be interested in, which all feature Mandy Moore.

5 TV series/movies that feature Mandy Moore

#1 ) Tangled (2010)

Tangled saw Moore give her take as a voice actor for Rapunzel, a movie that is widely considered to be one of the best iterations of the Disney characters. Released in 2010, Tangled boasts a Rotten Tomato score of 89% and has an IMDB rating of 7.7.

The movie saw Moore deliver a compelling performance, as she was hailed for her chemistry with Zachary Levi, as well as for the vocals she lent to the narrative. While Tangled Ever After did not reach the heights of success that its predecessor did, the movie itself saw Moore reprise her starring role as Rapunzel. The importance of the character itself took a hit in the sequel, as it focussed more on Zachary Levi’s Flynn Rider.

#2) A Walk to Remember (2002)

Red Carpet For Series Finale Episode Of NBC's "This Is Us" - Arrivals (Image via Getty)
Red Carpet For Series Finale Episode Of NBC's "This Is Us" - Arrivals (Image via Getty)

Mandy Moore has actually played a range of iconic characters in recent years, and Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember will always remain close to the top. Jamie suffered from Lekumia in the movie, and the narrative, which is based on the novel of the same name, delves majorly into her relationship with Landon Carter, played by Shane West in the movie.

A Walk to Remember has an IMDB rating of 7.3, and is easily one of the best-known movies that she has been a part of. Moore's acting skills were on full display, as she took up the role of a sick teenager who had given up on love, and ended up having a change of heart due to Carter's interest in her.

#3 ) Chasing Liberty (2004)

Mandy Moore at the NBCU FYC House Closing Night Music Event (Image via Getty)
Mandy Moore at the NBCU FYC House Closing Night Music Event (Image via Getty)

Chasing Liberty is a rom-com that does not have the best reviews, and only has a 6.1 rating on IMDB and a Rotten Tomato score of 18%. However, Moore was able to show the extent of her acting talent in the movie. Playing the role of Anna Foster, Moore’s character is shown as the daughter of the US president.

However, she lives in turmoil due to the huge influence of the Secret Service on her life, and decides to escape her sprawling security during a trip to Europe. This leads to thrilling adventures, as she ends up meeting Ben, played by Matthew Goode, whom she falls in love with.

#4 ) The Princess Diaries (2001)

Another movie that can be tagged under the romance/drama category, The Princess Diaries has a Metascore of 52, along with an IMDB rating of 6.4. In it, Mandy Moore plays the role of Lana Thomas, a cheerleader who is extremely popular in her high school.

The movie saw Mandy Moore in a supporting role alongside Anne Hathaway, and her portrayal in itself delved into satire.

#5 ) This is Us (2016-2022)

This is Us premiered in 2016, and in it, Moore took up the role of Rebecca Pearson, the mother of Kate and Kevin, and produced an utterly dynamic performance as she took up arguably the most dramatic and challenging role of her life.

Moore was extremely impressive and was a recurring part of the series that ran until 2021. This is Us boasts an 8.7 IMDB rating and a Metascore of 76. This series might just be the most popular role that Moore has taken up thus far.

Hence, Mandy Moore has not only proved her talent in the music industry, but has given Hollywood plenty of memorable roles over the years as well. She has demonstrated an amazing capacity for adaptation and success in a variety of settings, including drama and animation, small and large screens. Moore's career is one to follow as she takes on new pursuits since it will undoubtedly add more noteworthy parts to an already impressive portfolio.

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