Diddy wanted to "end this sh*t right now" during a confrontation with Suge Knight, rapper's ex-bodyguard recalled

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New York City Mayor Presents Sean "Diddy" Combs With Keys To The City. (Image via Getty/ Cindy Ord)

Earlier this month, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ former head of security, Roger Bonds, appeared for an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, where he opened up about his various experiences while working for the hip-hop mogul. He shared one instance where Diddy reportedly wanted to “end this sh*t right now” during a confrontation with now-incarcerated record executive Suge Knight in 2010.

Roger Bonds’ claims come in the wake of ex-LAPD detective George Kading’s recent revelation about Keefe De. As per Kading, the former associate of Sean Combs once accused the Bad Boy Records owner of ordering a hit on Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight in 1995, a year before 2pac's actual murder.


Diddy and Suge Knight’s alleged altercation took place in Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles

During his recent interview with Vlad TV, Diddy’s former bodyguard Roger Bonds spoke about an alleged altercation between his former boss and the former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight.

Bonds claimed that while he wasn’t present during the incident, he heard first-hand anecdotes from people involved. He alleged that Combs often had burger cravings in the middle of the night, and on the day of the alleged confrontation, one of his assistants, David, was out to bring him takeout from Mel’s drive-in diner in Los Angeles.

According to Roger Bonds, David and another Diddy security guard, D-Roc, went to the restaurant and saw Suge Knight pulling his car in.

“When D-Roc opened up his door, Suge opened up his door, and they were facing each other," Bonds mentioned.

While the latter shared a “couple of words” with Knight, the former reportedly called up Combs and informed him that Suge was there, and D-Roc and him “got a problem.”


Upon hearing this, Diddy allegedly “gathered up the thing that he had to gather up” and drove his black Cadillac to the diner, which was five minutes away from his Beverly Hills home. When Puff arrived, he reportedly said, “Yo, let’s end this sh*t right now” with regards to Suge Knight. However, D-Roc allegedly convinced him to go back home.

According to the interviewer, the incident was mentioned in Casandra “Cassie” Ventura’s November 2023 now-settled lawsuit against Combs, where she accused him of assault, abuse, kidnapping, trafficking, drugging, and more.

Cassie was allegedly “scared” when Diddy got the call from his assistant and saw him leaving for the diner.

In the interview, Roger Bonds also mentioned an alleged incident in the Beverly Hills Hotel where Combs and Suge crossed paths and decided they had “no problems” with one another. The duo reportedly shared their numbers to discuss Knight’s youth football outreach program.

Notably, this is not the first time allegations have emerged about Diddy and Suge Knight’s rocky relationship.

On June 12, former Los Angeles Police Department detective George Kading sat for an exclusive interview with the New York Times. He claimed that during his investigation into Tupac Shakur’s unsolved murder (1996), which also left Suge Knight injured, Duane “Keefe D” Davis told him that Combs allegedly ordered $1 million hits on 2Pac and Knight during the 1995 Summer Jam Tour stop in Anaheim, California.

Meanwhile, Knight claimed earlier this month during his prison podcast Collect Call with Suge Knight that Combs has been an FBI informant and “snitch” for many years, which he claimed the hip-hop industry people knew.

Edited by Shreya Das
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