"Don't retire GOAT" - Fans express Eminem retirement fears over rapper's 'Houdini' announcement video

Eminem's "Houdini" teaser leaves fan in fear of the rapper's retirement. (Image via YouTube/EminemMusic)

Marshall Mathers aka Eminem announced his new single ‘Houdini’ today on an Instagram video featuring popular magician and mentalist David Blaine. The song will be released this Friday. However, the teaser left fans in fear that the rapper might retire soon.

In April, Marshall announced his upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady. Earlier in May, the rapper bid farewell to his longstanding alter ego, Silm Shady by placing a faux-obituary in Detroit Free Press. The conversation he had with Blaine on his teaser for ‘Houdini’ further led fans to suspect this album might be Marshall’s last.

In the clip shared on X as well, Marshall is seen connecting with David Blaine on a FaceTime call. He asks the magician:

“I was wondering, how far can we go with this magic? Like, can we do like a stunt or something?”

To provide an example, Blaine then drinks wine from a random stranger’s glass and proceeds to take bites of the glass, leaving some women in the background gasping in shock. Marshall tells Blaine what he wants to do:

“Well for my last trick, I’m going to make my career disappear.”

As the video ends after this, people are left wondering what Marshall could have possibly meant by wanting to make his career disappear. They presumed the 51-year-old might have hinted at his retirement. Fans soon took to the comments to share their reactions and urged the rapper not to retire.

Eminem's new single 'Houdini' announcement leaves fans in retirement fear

Fans commented on Eminem's Instagram post and expressed how they did not have a good feeling about the way the rapper spoke about his career.

"ION LIKE ALL THIS “LAST TALK” EM", by @nolifeshaq via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"Bro just casually announced his retirement", by @claymayy via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"I’m assuming it’s the end of Slim Shady, but not Em. I still ain’t ready for it tbh", by @theblackjewelz via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"I don’t know whether to be sad or excited", by @secondhandsl*t via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"Yo Marshall, dont retire, you Heard, dont you dare.....", by @_diego_cmz via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"You can make your career disappear, but you can't remove it from my soul Em.", by @_.__jc__._ via Instagram/Marshall Mathers
"Enough of the retirement talk now Eminem", by @jazmyn.is.under.ur.bed via Instagram/Marshall Mathers

Some fans assumed the rapper likely referred to the end of his alter-ego Slim Shady, as also mentioned in the title of this new album. But he might not retire his music career as Eminem.

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