"I think I might be demisexual" — Lauren Jauregui says she is "exploring polyamory" after her split from ex-partner Sasha Mallory

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American singer and songwriter Lauren Jauregui recently opened up about her s*xual orientation on the 2 Dykes and a Mic podcast. This comes after her split from ex Sasha Mallory.

In the podcast episode, while speaking to Mackenzie Goodwin and Rachel Scanlon, Lauren noted:

"I think I might be demisexual, ‘cause I went through the phase of trying to just sleep with people, and I hated it. I hated it."

Lauren Jauregui added that in order to have an intimate relationship with someone, she needs to feel care from the partner, and that she can't be just "transactional."

Cleveland Clinic has defined demisexual as someone who feels s*xual connection only after having a strong emotional bond.


What else did Burning singer Lauren Jauregui talk about in the latest podcast episode?

27-year-old Lauren Jauregui publicly revealed her relationship with Sasha Mallory in February 2023, through Instagram. However, the two split recently. Talking to the podcast hosts, Mackenzie and Rachel, Lauren noted:

"I want to belong to myself primarily, and then I want to leave space for whoever I meet and I to create boundaries between us."

She further revealed that despite the split, she and Mallory are still best friends and are really close to each other. The singer further joked that it's quite "queer" to continue the bond despite the end of the romantic angle between her and Sasha.

The Fifth Harmony member added that she wants to explore polyamory. She said:

"I’m also kind of in this space of exploring polyamory a little bit."

The singer, however, admitted to having no idea about how a situation would pan out:

"Obviously, I’m super communicative, so I would never put someone in that scenario that doesn’t want to be in that scenario."

Lauren Jauregui additionally mentioned that at this point of time in her life, she doesn't feel like monogamy is the right choice for her. She, however, jokingly said that, meanwhile, if she finds the right person, she might as well get married.

She added:

"I’m not in a space of wanting to f**k random people at all, like literally at all. In order for me to be really turned on and enjoy s*x, I need to know that you care about me as a human being. I can’t be transactional for you."

Lauren talks about her latest single and her exposure to queerness while growing up in a Latin family

In the podcast, Lauren was asked about her latest song, Burning, which the hosts described the song as being "so gay". Lauren then revealed that she wrote the song back in 2018. She added:

"I grew up Catholic and they tell us that we're going into the pits of hell for being any kind of queer, so the whole song is like using religious symbols as illusions."

During the interview, she also spoke about her family and her exposure to queerness. She added that being a member of a Latin family, she never knew anything about queerness.

The singer mentioned that she doesn't have a type, but personality is a big factor for her to consider while getting into the dating scene. She added:

"If you can make me laugh and you’re cool and I like spending time with you, I’m a quality time type [of] gal."

Lauren Jauregui also gave a glimpse of how she fell in love with Mallory. She said that they came close during the tour:

"My current ex and I got together because we went on tour together and danced together."

Lauren Jauregui is known for songs like Trust Issues, All Night, and Always Love.

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