What song did Melissa Schuman and Nick Carter sing together? Singer reveals being forced to record a duet months after alleged assault

Melissa Schuman and Nick Carter sang the duet "There For Me." (Image via Instagram/ melissaschuman/ nickcarter)
Melissa Schuman and Nick Carter sang the duet "There For Me." (Image via Instagram/ melissaschuman/ nickcarter)

American singer and actress Melissa Schuman appeared on the Investigation Discovery docuseries Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter which aired on May 27 and opened up about singing a duet with Nick Carter, nearly a year after he allegedly assaulted her in 2003.

The former Dream band member further revealed how she was unwilling to record her 2004 duet There For Me with Nick Carter, but was forced to do it as she wanted to launch her solo music career and needed her management’s support.

“When I look back on this song now, it feels almost premeditated, where it was presented as if it was going to actually help me, but in reality, it feels more like an alibi for him,” Melissa Schuman claimed.

She further added that it was her manager Kenneth Crear, who was Nick Carter’s associate offered her the song.


Melissa Schuman recorded her duet with Nick Carter for a “business opportunity”

On Monday night, the four-part docuseries Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter was released by Investigation Discovery and is now streaming on Max. It revolves around the rise and fall of the Carter brothers in the pop industry, their struggles, family life, and Aaron’s untimely demise in 2022.

As part of the docuseries, Melissa Schuman, who co-starred alongside Nick Carter in the teen horror/ fantasy drama The Hollow in 2003, claimed that she was compelled to sing a duet with the Backstreet Boys frontman despite being allegedly s*xually assaulted by him months before.

She claimed that she agreed to sing There For Me with Nick to kickstart her solo music career after she left the Dream girl group, but now in retrospection, it feels “premeditated” and instead of helping her in any way, the duet made it easier for Carter to get an “alibi” for his alleged misconduct.

“People don’t understand and are like, ‘Well, you followed him on Twitter. You sent him condolences. You liked a tweet.’ I was truly trying my best to find forgiveness for him and move on with my life,” she explained.

Melissa Schuman further mentioned how in the aftermath of the alleged assault, she was in “denial” for months, and did not immediately file a police complaint for fear of damaging her career and reputation. She also claimed that at this point she decided to “avoid” Nick for the rest of her life.


However, less than a year later she signed with Kenneth Crear’s management company to launch her solo music career and received the offer to record a duet.

“My first thought was, ‘Do I have to be alone with him?’ And Kenneth goes, ‘Oh, no, it’s already pre-recorded. You only have to go in and do your part.’ I could feel Kenneth’s eyes on me like he was observing me. And he goes, ‘Nick is dating Paris Hilton,’” Schuman recalled in the docuseries.

The Stereotyped songstress also mentioned how initially she was “conflicted” about the offer but later decided to move ahead when Crear promised her a record deal with Sony Records in exchange for a showcase of the duet track. However, she was shocked to learn that Carter would be joining her in the studio, but still continued the venture for “business opportunity” thinking that Nick would “leave me alone.”

“It was incredibly overwhelming… When the showcase happened, I remember seeing him and I froze. Completely froze. I was scared. And I was very cold to him and we sang our duet. I don’t even think I looked at him and eventually he goes, ‘Well clearly we don’t like each other.’ And those were the last words he ever said to me,” Melissa claimed.

The Silent Scream actress also alleged that it was much later that she learned that Carter and Crear were “like family.”

Melissa Schuman first came forward with the assault accusations in 2017 on her blog post claiming that Nick Carter reportedly r*ped her in his Santa Monica apartment in 2003. However, the Now or Never crooner denied the allegations at the time claiming that their s*xual relationship was consensual.

In April 2023, Melissa Schuman filed a civil lawsuit against Carter alleging s*xual battery and assault. His lawyers dismissed the legal case as a “PR Stunt” and claimed the allegations were “false.” As per People Magazine, the lawsuit is still pending.

Meanwhile, Melissa Schuman denied the same and claimed in the recent docuseries that Crear deprived her of getting signed by Sony Records and claimed that the label found her “vocally weak” and decided to move forward with Nick alone.

People with a Nextflix subscription can watch the docuseries Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter to get more detailed information.

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