America's Got Talent season 19 trailer breakdown: 3 major takeaways

Judges and the host of America
Judges and the host of America's Got Talent season 19 (Image via Instagram/@agt)

While America's Got Talent season 19 is only a stone's throw away from releasing on May 28, on NBC, at 8 pm ET, its trailer is adding to the hype. Released on May 8 on America's Got Talent's official YouTube channel, the season 19 trailer gives a glimpse into some of the best talents that will feature this season.

It also shows all four judges- Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum returning while Terry Crews will again take the stage as the host. In a fresh twist, season 19 has two Golden Buzzers per judge and a Golden Buzzer for the host, taking the total number of coveted buzzers to nine.


In the trailer, Howie claims that this season is going to be more unique than all the previous seasons. It also shows the youngest contestant ever in the show's history. Season 19 promises to be the perfect amalgamation of one-of-a-kind dancers, soulful singers, and audacious acrobats like the previous seasons.

Youngest contestant, and 2 other major takeaways from America's Got Talent season 19 trailer

1) The season is full of exceptional talent

America's Got Talent serves nothing but the best talent in the country which is testified by the show's popularity, and its renewal every year. This season too displays the talent of the caliber familiar to the show, as apparent from the trailer.

A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)

It opens with two dancers dancing in the dark under a spotlight, followed by an act that shows a lady walking on glass bottles wearing ballet flats. Another acrobat has their legs up in the air with hands swerving four hoola hoops at the same time. There's also a balancing act that sees a man balancing a pole on top of his head, with an earthen pot at the other end.

It also sees other performances that are regular to the show, such as synchronized group dance acts, singers, musicians, and people heroically playing with fire. In a unique act, a man is seen swinging on suspensions resembling a circus. Meanwhile, another person is seen suspending a huge pair of scissors into his throat.

The show also has first-timers, with a drone show lighting up the skies above the stage, and the youngest contestant ever making a new record with his age.

2) The season will see the youngest-ever contestant on the show

The trailer proudly announces season 19 to have the youngest contestant ever in the history of America's Got Talent. The last season of the show saw the seven-year-old Zoë Erianna stun the audience and the judges with her stellar singing skills on a song that she wrote on her own when she was only six.

A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)

This season, apart from featuring a young girl taking the stage with her singing, shows a little boy who is only a few years old. While his official talent is unknown, it can be guessed from his little glimpse in the trailer.

He seems to be a math genius with the whiteboard behind him showing calculations. His cheery attitude on the stage, as spotted in the trailer, seems like the product of love from the judges and the audience.

3) The judges are left stunned by the unparalleled talent

The judges on the show have always been supportive and highly encouraging of the talent on stage and they never fail to express their astonishment. The trailer of season 19 of America's Got Talent also kicks off with Howie Mandel saying:

"Everything you think there's no way to top it, this season tops it".
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/America'sGotTalent)

Simon Cowell affirms Howie's statement by commenting on a show-stopping act, saying:

"Genuinely never know what was going to happen next".

In the act where a contestant shoves a pair of huge scissors into his mouth down to his throat, Sofia Vergara shuts her eyes as she can't bear to stand its gore. Heidi jokingly asks Sofia how she is going to judge him if she can't watch him, and Sofia says she doesn't know.

New episodes of America's Got Talent will air on NBC, every Tuesday, at 8 pm ET.

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