Deal or No Deal Island episode 10: Recap and more details explored

The cast of Deal or No Deal Island (Image via Instagram/@dealornodealtv)
The cast of Deal or No Deal Island (Image via Instagram/@dealornodealtv)

Yet another player lost against the Banker and had to go home as a result on Deal or No Deal Island episode 10. The episode was released on Monday, April 29, and saw beef between The Night Owls intensifying as they inched closer to the finale.

The last episode saw serious mistrust between Nick and Rob, insinuated by Stephanie. Her strategy worked in this episode too, when she pitted Aron against Rob, which eventually led to Aron's elimination.

In the Deal or No Deal Island episode titled Are You Powerful?, the alliances and beef between players got stronger as the contestant pool got smaller.

What went down in episode 10 of Deal or No Deal Island?

Her strategy to pit Rob and Nick against each other had worked wonders in the last episode, so Stephanie lied to Aron about Rob wanting him out as a perfect episode starter. Aron took it literally and decided to play his own game. Jordan caught Stephanie's strategy and feared for herself.

Excursion on episode 10

The excursion in this episode of Deal or No Deal Island had the players jetski their way across the bay to a place. While there, they would have to choose a case and choose a person to vote out. The catch was that they needed to be quick because there was a timer going off, with $10 million on the line. With every minute they took, money would get subtracted from the pot and the remaining at the end of the excursion would be added to the pool as a bonus.

Joe was ardently waiting for the players to arrive, with five suitcases. Explaining the rules, he said that the two highest-voted players would be at risk of facing the Banker. And the one with the highest amount in the briefcase would decide on who to send to the Temple, to play Deal or No Deal Island with the Banker.

Rob was the first one to go, based on the results in the last episode. He was taking his time to think, ticking other players off because time was money in this challenge. He chose to go with the lowest amount of $3 million, which came with the highest amount of vote counts. He gave them all to Aron, believing he would vote for him in the next round.

Then came Amy, who straight up went with the case with the highest amount of $6 million, which came with only one vote, and a personal value of $75,000. She gave her vote to Rob because he wanted to deal with the Banker.

Next up was Aron. Rob was hoping for him to pick the second-lowest-valued crate of $3.5 million. But Rob was playing his own game, so he went with the $4 million crate and said that he wanted to be in the middle. But Aron still gave his five votes to Rob.

Stephanie went for the $3.5 million case and put all her vote marbles into Amy's canister. Last up was Jordan, who picked up the $5.5 million case and cast her vote for Rob. At the end of the excursion, $1 million was left on the timer as a bonus case.

Excursion results

Then was the time for the results. Joe confirmed that Jordan had no votes, while Stephanie had one vote. To Amy's surprise, she had six votes, thanks to Stephanie. Aron and Rob both had seven votes, which made them equal contenders for the chance to play the Banker. Amy, with her high briefcase, chose Aron to go forth.

Aron goes to the Temple

In the Temple, Aron chose to open case number 10, which had him open six cases and led to a $580,000 offer from the Banker. He denied the offer and went for round 2, where he had to open three cases. The Banker offered him a deal of $1,199,000, which he accepted, increasing the total value of the final case to $10,107,000.

When Aron opened the case chosen, it consisted of $3.5 million, cutting short his journey on Deal or No Deal Island.

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island come out on Mondays on NBC at 10 pm ET.

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