"Reverse draw 1000"— Khloé and Kylie’s conversation about Jordyn Woods divides The Kardashians fans

The Kardashians Khloé and Kylie
The Kardashians Khloé and Kylie (Image via Instagram/@khloekardashian/kyliejenner)

The Kardashians season 5 aired a brand new episode this week on Thursday, May 30, 2024. During the segment, fans saw Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian talk about Jenner's former best friend, Jordyn Woods, who was previously involved in a cheating scandal with Khloé's former partner Tristan Thompson.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kylie opened up about meeting Jordyn Woods in Paris and said she was glad that the whole "narrative" was over. She added that she was glad people were no longer talking about them.

Fans of the Hulu show took to social media to chime in on the situation and had conflicting opinions. While some felt that they were glad things were better between the estranged friends, others felt Khloé was "gaslighting" the audience by blaming the internet for the so-called narrative.

"@khloekardashian gaslighting the absolute F out of us right now...she literally said Jordyn was the reason her family split up. Now she is saying this narrative was created outside of her...and blaming the internet...and we are pinning girls against girls. This you? #TheKardashians," one person wrote on X.
"They owe Jordyn an apology. Via that show, in the same manner, they were trying to use to drag her. It just backfired when Black Twitter did a reverse draw 1000 on em. Don't blame the girl, get your cheating dude Khloe. Stop trying to act above it all now. #TheKardashians," another person wrote.
"Khloe is this you? YOU GUYS pinned her against you. YOU GUYS are the ones who got your friends to hop on the train. Remember that Kimora call or are you going to forget it? Let's try and tell it like it is rather than rewriting the truth," a fan wrote.

Several The Kardashians season 5 fans defended the clan and said that Khloé had a right to be "angry and hurt" by Jordyn Woods.

"The idea khloe had no right to be angry and hurt by Jordan specifically is always gonna blow my mind. She mothered that girl with Kylie and everyone pretends like it wouldn’t hurt them badly is a liar. It ain’t even about the man at all not even a little bit," one person wrote.
"Because she black and they fake hate Kardashians. If everybody was the same race they would’ve been on Khloe side. Jordyn was dead wrong as well as Tristan," another person wrote.
"It be y’all acting like Tristian s*xually assaulted Jordyn or something. No she was a participant and just as wrong as Tristian. Y’all would’ve reacted the same way if somebody that you looked at like little sister did something like that," a fan wrote.

The Kardashians season 5 fans further wrote:

"I love how they called out that it’s the people in the internet causing the negativity and how they are ready to move on and people are literally proving their point on this website and still tearing them apart," a fan wrote.
"This revisionist history is hilarious! While Kylie has always said Khloe is fine w/her relationship w/Jordyn, Khloe def blamed Jordyn for everything that happened! They had Kim looking like a fool trying to lip sync Nivea in the car. And let’s not forget that phone call w/Kimora!" another fan wrote.

Kylie and Khloé discuss Jordyn Woods in The Kardashians season 5

In The Kardashians season 5 episode 2, Kylie opened up to her elder sister, Khloé Kardashian about seeing Jordyn Woods in Paris. She said that it was it was good to see her and that the two now had a "healthy distance" in their relationship.

Jenner added that she was glad people no longer cared about the two being spotted together, referring to the estranged friends being seen leaving a restaurant together in 2023.

Khloé assured Kylie Jenner that she didn't want her to have "regrets" in life and reminded her that she didn't have an issue with her and Woods' friendship. The Kardashians cast member elaborated on the same in a confessional and said that the family wasn't stuck on the situation and disliked the online narrative about the aftermath of the scandal.

She said she didn't want people to either pick Team Kylie or Team Jordyn and said she wanted to live a "peaceful and healthy" life.

After the episode aired, fans of the Hulu show felt divided by the conversation and largely defended Jordyn Woods as the Kardashian-Jenner clan slammed her publicly after her and Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal in 2019.

The Kardashians season 5 will return next week with another episode on Hulu.

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