"Should’ve knocked you out" — The Ultimatum: South Africa’s Isaac and Nolla continue feud online

Isaac and Nolla from The Ultimatum: South Africa
Isaac and Nolla from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@isaac_kaninda/ask_nolla)

The Ultimatum: South Africa aired its last episode of the season on Friday, May 24, 2024, during which Salamina Mosese asked the cast several questions about their time on the show and about life after the show.

Although several cast members made amends during the segment, it seems like others still had bad blood. Isaac and Nolla’s feud, which fans witnessed during the show, continued online.

In a recent Instagram post, Isaac took a screenshot of the on-screen argument and pinned an online comment Nolla made, which noted that the cast member was the "all talk and 'sleep with one eye' threat type of a guy." Isaac made a note in the post, which read:

"I should've knocked you out then but I don't mind doing it now."

The post's caption read that Nolla was "still running" his mouth.

The Ultimatum: South Africa's Nolla responds to Isaac's Instagram post

The Ultimatum: South Africa cast members Isaac and Nolla have been feuding online since the reunion special aired. In a recent Instagram post, Isaac noted that Nolla was still running his mouth, and the latter responded with an Instagram post of his own.

In a post, he wrote:

"Your favorite @isaac_kaninda kept me waiting after he said I should send him my location. 4 hours later still no show from him, hahaha, told you he is all talk."

While the two exchanged words during the Netflix show, the online feud began when Nolla posted a picture collage of Isaac and Aiden and captioned it, "Your enemies are always closer." The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member, Isaac, replied under the post and said that Nolla didn't "see" him.

Nolla posted another post not too long after the first one and referred to Lebo breaking up with him during the latest episode and called it an "extreme sport." Isaac once again commented on The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member's post. He wrote.

"Brother man brother man brother man. Do you want me to spell it out for you?"

In response to the comment, Nolla blamed Isaac for the problems between him and Lebo and said that nobody could ever make him forgive the latter.

"@isaac_kaninda they can never make me forgive you man, your meddling in my relationship was the beginning of my problems."

Nolla and Isaac's feud explained

In The Ultimatum: South Africa, Nolla was matched with Isaac's girlfriend, Ruth, while Nolla's girlfriend, Lebo, was interested in pairing up with Isaac, but the latter chose Khanya.

During girls' night, Ruth told Lebo that she and Nolla slept together, and the latter went to confront her boyfriend. During the confrontation, The Ultimatum: South Africa male cast member included Isaac in the discussion as a way to seek revenge on Ruth for telling Lebo.

When Isaac reached the villa, he asked what happened, and Aiden told the cast member that Nolla and Ruth had slept together. Isaac walked away and told the cameras that he knew something had happened between them. He wanted to talk to Nolla and asked him if he enjoyed it.

Isaac further asked The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member if he was in love with Ruth. Later, Nolla left the room, and Lebo and Isaac followed him to confront him further.

As the three talked, Nolla wondered if it "had to happen" the way it did, and Lebo noted that he didn't show any remorse. Isaac pointed out that the cast member wasn't apologetic, and Nolla said he only owed Lebo an explanation.

Isaac asked him if he didn't think he owed him an apology, and the two started closing the distance between them. When Isaac got too close, Nolla pushed him, and Isaac dared him to do it again.

"Touch me one more time, I dare you. I'll f*cking kill you, boy."

Security intervened and separated the two of them, and they kept arguing from a distance.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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