The Ultimatum and The Ultimatum: Queer Love renewed for new seasons on Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On and The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Image via Netflix)
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On and The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Image via Netflix)

After the widespread success garnered by The Ultimatum: South Africa, a counterpart to its France, Marry or Move On, and Queer Love versions, Netflix has decided to renew Marry or Move On for season 3 and Queer Love for season 2.

After Love is Blind left fans wanting more, The Ultimatum satiated their needs with its spin on South African participants, which got the fans hooked on the show and left them wanting more of the same unique format. The news of new shows in the same format coming through is exciting because viewers' farewell to The Ultimatum: South Africa is fairly new.

While official dates for the new seasons aren't out yet, season 3 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is said to drop in December of this year, while there is no word on the release of season 2 of Queer Love.

What is the format of The Ultimatum like?

The franchise serves a never-seen-before format, where the couples come to test the strength of their relationships. The person who issues Ultimatum sends their partner off to stay with another person for three weeks, in a trial marriage, while they also stay in a trial marriage for three weeks with someone who is not their partner.

The couples on the show swap their partners among the group to see if their relationship lasts after those three weeks. At the end of three weeks, when the season reaches its mid-point, they leave their trial partners to move in with their actual partners and spend three further weeks as husband-wife.

If their compatibility exceeds the compatibility they have with their trial partners, they decide to get married. If not, they move on, hence the name Marry or Move On.

During their run on the show, they also have several get-togethers where they discuss their relationship issues, which sometimes lead to jealousy, fights, tiffs, and heartbreaks—things that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

What happened in the previous seasons of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On and The Ultimatum: Queer Love?

Season 1 of Marry or Move On, which concluded in 2022, had six couples, three of whom are married, one is still engaged, and two others split. One of the four trial marriages on the show has resulted in a relationship between two people who entered with the love of their lives but left with their trial partners.

Season 2 of the show concluded in 2023 and saw all five couples leave the show with their true partners, happily. Two out of the four engaged couples on the show have now gotten married, while the other three remain engaged, a testament to the experiment actually working.

In season 1 of Queer Love, which concluded in 2023, four out of the five participating couples got engaged at the end of the show, but only one still remains engaged; all the rest have separated. Now it is for the fans to see how the upcoming seasons of these shows will go: if the new couples leave with a stronger relationship or find love in their trial partners.

The Ultimatum: South Africa, France, Marry or Move On, and Queer Love are available to stream on Netflix.

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