The Valley episode 11: Recap and more details explored

Danny Booko from The Valley Season 1 (Image via Bravo TV)
Danny Booko from The Valley Season 1 (Image via Bravo TV)

The Valley episode 11 titled Darkside Danny was released exclusively on Bravo TV on May 28, 2024. The latest episode highlighted Danny and Nia Booko's relationship issues during a dinner party at Janet Caperna’s Babymoon. The cast members also tried to convince the couple to sort things out privately, especially by asking Danny to calm down.

The episode synopsis reads as follows:

"The women throw a surprise baby shower for Janet; the whole group indulges in a dinner for the final night in Big Bear dressed as their partner's fantasy."

For the unversed, The Valley is a Bravo spinoff series that includes the Vanderpump Rules alums Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute; her boyfriend, Luke Broderick. The show also features three more couples, namely Danny Booko-Nia Booko, Jesse Lally-Michelle Lally, and Jason Caperna-Janet Caperna; alongside their friends Jasmine Goode and Zack Wickham.

What happened on The Valley episode 11?

In The Valley episode 11, Danny and his wife, Nia got into an argument at the dinner table. As all cast members were in Big Bear (California) for a getaway, it was surprising for the audience to see the couple get into a heated conversation in front of their co-stars.

By the time the dinner for Janet Caperna’s Babymoon ended, Michelle Saniei Lally brought up Nia's intention to move near West Hollywood. But Danny wanted to stay in the Valley due to their financial condition and raising three kids together. Soon after, Danny started to disrupt the table conversation by asking his fellow cast members angrily:

“How many of you have three kids?”

While Nia was trying to calm him down, he cussed at her. She appeared disappointed in his behavior and tried to warn him.

“And now you’re cussing at me. This is on TV. You just said the F-word. On national television. To me,” Nia responded to Danny.

Jasmine Goode tried to lighten up the mood by acknowledging that fathers can sometimes feel overlooked in terms of parental efforts. However, she insisted that Danny shouldn't talk to his wife like that in private or public. Danny wasn't pleased to hear that it was being implied he had communication problems with his wife.

The Valley star Jasmine told the cameras in a confessional interview that she had "never seen him [Danny] like this" and that something was going on between the couple which they should sort out.

“Seeing Danny get a little feisty with Nia is crazy to me. I’ve never seen him like this. know he’s a little drunk right now, and I know that they are, like, the perfect couple, but something’s going on for him to get a little spicy with her," Jasmine stated.

When the couple sat down and discussed what happened, Nia asked her husband to focus on himself if the parental responsibilities were too much for him. Danny later described why he acted that way and all he wanted was for Nia to be happy.

“When you hold anything in, it’s just not healthy. But at this point, I don’t think I’ve been one hundred percent truthful on how hard things have been lately. I had a little too much to drink and lashed out when I probably shouldn’t have,” Danny explained.

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