Where to follow Nkateko from The Ultimatum: South Africa? Everything we know from his Instagram

Nkateko from The uLtimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@nnkaymahange)
Nkateko from The uLtimatum: South Africa (Image via Instagram/@nnkaymahange)

Nkateko garnered a lot of attention first, for his close bonding and understanding with his trial partner Sizakele, and then for his tumultuous relationship with Khanya, who also brought attention to the couple for her bold attitude and outspoken personality.

Following his popularity, fans of the show followed the star on Instagram to get updates on his life and relationships. He keeps his Instagram updated and can be found at @nnkaymahange.

On his Instagram, he likes to share posts of him working out, chilling on vacations, and eating appetizing meals. The link in his bio takes viewers to his other social media handles and his LinkedIn, which gives insights into his career.

In a recent post, he announced his split from Khanya, yet another shock after the reunion episode revealed the news of their reconciliation and a newborn child.

Everything to know about Nkateko's Instagram

Nkateko's Instagram bio says that he is an entrepreneur, it gives the specifics of what he does by saying BDR and BDM services, which translates to Business Development Representative and Business Development Manager.

His LinkedIn profile found in his linkinbio says that he is currently working for Vividaret, a company that provides multimedia design services.

His Instagram has pinned posts promoting The Ultimatum: South Africa. It also reflects his enthusiasm for gym workouts, in posts that see him breaking a sweat at the gym. He also has several posts vacationing, the captions of which show his love for the ocean.

Some of the posts on his Instagram also show his family- his mom, his brother, and his nieces. A caption on one of his family posts says, "Family means everything," which is telling of his family values. Most of his other posts have captions with teachings on life, that serve as motivations and reminders to believe in oneself.

Nkateko announced his split from Khanya on his Instagram

One of the very recent posts on Nkateko's Instagram, is a promotional video of The Ultimatum: South Africa with the caption that announces his split from Khanya. A day after the reunion episode was released on Friday, May 24, Nkateko announced that he and Khanya had separated.

He said that despite putting in effort to resolve their differences through therapy and introspection, their relationship hadn't worked. He said that their top priority now was to finalize matters related to their son, Q.

He also mentioned an altercation, that had him taking the legal route to ensure his relationship with his son.

This came after they announced that they had a baby in the reunion episode, sending shock waves into the internet. Like the reunion episode, Nkateko commended Khanya in the same Instagram post for her parenting skills and said that she had a different side to her than what was portrayed on the show.

Nkateko's career history

According to his LinkedIn, Nkateko went to the University of Monash South Africa, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in commerce, in 2016. His specializations were that of marketing and management.

After finishing college, he started working for Cubic Hygiene as a business strategist, where he worked for three years till 2018.

After Business Consulting for Pinnabill for more than a year, he moved to MYS Agency, a marketing firm, where he served as a marketing business development manager for more than four years.

He has been working at his current company Vividaret for more than a year and is serving as a sales and strategist manager.

Other services he provides are public relations, event coordination, advertising, brand management, etc.

The Ultimatum: South Africa is available to stream on Netflix.

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