5 times Billy Butcher did the right thing in The Boys (& 5 times he was wrong)

Actor Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in a still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
Actor Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in a still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

In The Boys, Billy Butcher is a complex character with a serious grudge against supes. His motives can be a bit murky, blurring the lines between being a hero and a villain. He's one of the most interesting characters in the series, with moments of doing the right thing, mixed in with some pretty ruthless behavior.

Billy Butcher is like the leader in charge of The Boys, a group of vigilantes out to bring down shady superheroes. He's played by Karl Urban and has complicated connections with different folks, like a close friendship with Hughie Campbell and some messy history with his wife, Becca, and the supe Homelander.

The Boys dives into the character of Billy Butcher, showing how he can be both a hero and morally questionable at the same time. His story makes one think about how blurry the line between good and bad can be.

Note: This article is subjective and solely based on the author's opinion.

Times Billy Butcher did the right thing on The Boys

1) Deciding to protect Ryan from Vought

Karl Urban (left) and Cameron Crovetti (right) in a still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
Karl Urban (left) and Cameron Crovetti (right) in a still from The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

Butcher was planning to give Ryan to Vought to find Becca, but he ended up changing his mind and double-crossing Vought to keep Ryan safe. It proved that he could put aside his hatred for supes to make his wife happy and do the right thing to protect a kid.

2) Stopping M.M. from fighting Soldier Boy at Herogasm

Butcher saw that M.M. had it out for Soldier Boy and knew it could end badly, so he called off the fight. Fans were happy to see Butcher step in and save a good guy like Soldier Boy, showing that he looks out for his crew and isn't afraid to make tough decisions to keep them safe.

3) Saving Hughie from using Temp V

When Hughie started feeling bad from the temporary Compound V, Butcher knocked him out to stop him from using it again, even though he did it in his usual rough way. Although Hughie didn't like it at the time, it showed that Butcher cared about his friend's well-being.

4) Deciding to use Soldier Boy as a weapon against Homelander

Fans were on board with Butcher's idea to enlist Soldier Boy to take down Homelander once and for all. It seemed like a smart move that could have worked out well if done right and showed Butcher's dedication to doing whatever it takes to beat the shady supes.

5) Confronting his abusive father

Butcher stood up to his dad, who had abused him both physically and emotionally, proving he wasn't afraid to face his past. It was tough, but it was a necessary part of Butcher's journey to heal and grow, helping him understand why he had so much anger and mistrust towards supes.

Times Billy Butcher was wrong on The Boys

1) Recruiting and manipulating Hughie

Karl Urban and Antony Starr in The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
Karl Urban and Antony Starr in The Boys (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

Butcher fooled Hughie into thinking he was FBI to get him to join The Boys, using his girlfriend's death to manipulate him. It was a total breach of trust and showed that Butcher is willing to take advantage of people's suffering for his gain, even if it's for a good cause.

2) Abandoning The Boys at the end of Season 1

Butcher ditched his crew to handle Kimiko's kidnappers by himself, not caring about his team. It was a pretty cowardly and irresponsible move that put his friends at risk and messed up the trust and bond they had as a group fighting against the crooked supes.

3) Destroying Becca's tombstone

Butcher vandalized his wife's gravestone out of anger, not realizing she was still alive. It was a mean and careless move that showed how he tends to act on impulse without thinking about how it affects others in The Boys.

4) Remorselessly shooting Mesmer

Butcher went ahead and killed Mesmer in a fit of rage after the supe turned on The Boys, even though he had already given up. While Mesmer deserved some payback, Butcher's brutal killing was a bit too much and went against his own moral beliefs. His need for revenge can sometimes cloud his judgment.

5) Betraying and trying to kill the other Boys

After taking down Homelander, Butcher went rogue and tried to take out all the supes, even turning against his team. This betrayal hit hard, showing how far Butcher had gone in his hatred for supes. It was Hughie who had to put an end to him.

The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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