The Boys season 4: Release date prediction, what to expect, cast, latest updates, and more

The Boys season 4 is in post-production stage (Image via Amazon Prime)
The Boys season 4 is in post-production stage (Image via Amazon Prime)

Fans have been waiting for The Boys season 4 for quite some time now. With new characters joining in this season, there has been excited anticipation for the show to hit the platform. However, the disappointing news of a delay in its release has already been reported a few weeks ago.

The show was renewed for season 4, which was announced in June 2022. It went into production in August 2022 and is almost at the end of the process. The Boys has been a success on the Amazon platform for the three installments it has as of yet, with season 3 referring to other superhero shows and movies such as the Ant-Man and the Thanos theme leading to Avengers: Endgame.

Although the show does not have a proper release date, many updates about The Boys season 4 cast and plot have been made available. Reportedly, showrunner Erik Kripke has announced that the release has been pushed back due to the WGA strike.

Note: The Boys Season 4 Release date has now been confirmed. Details inside

What is the latest update about the release of The Boys season 4?

The Boys season 4 is much-anticipated after season 3 ended in an exciting turn. Leaked photos from the filming set revealed the shooting concluded in April 2023, indicating that since the production wrapped up, the show might have aired sometime in winter 2023. However, Erik Kripke shared a Twitter post to announce the postponement of the show due to the WGA strike, meaning the show may air in late 2023 or sometime in 2024.

Since fans have posted queries about the delay of The Boys season 4, Kripke has been fielding questions after announcing the delay. The doubt put up was that since the filming of the show is already complete, so how does the writers’ strike affect its release. To this, the showrunner replied that some dialogs are being re-written and sometimes storyline gaps are also bridged later on. Moreover, he accepts that every stage of the process involves writing.

Has The Boys season 4 released a trailer?

While the show has not come out with any trailer, the makers have been promoting the series in different media. Specific YouTube channels keep updating about the show as well as explaining part of the plot. Other modes of campaign are also used, for example, while promoting a new movie, actor Erin Moriarty teased the show. Erin plays Starlight in The Boys season 4.

Who all will be part of The Boys season 4 cast?

Most of the cast members from the previous seasons will be back as the story continues from where it left off in season 3. The actors for season 4 include:

  1. Karl Urban – Billy Butcher
  2. Antony Starr – Homelander
  3. Jack Quaid – Hughie Cambell
  4. Erin Moriarty – Starlight/Annie
  5. Jessie T Usher – A-Train
  6. Karen Fukuhara – Kimiko
  7. Chace Crawford – The Deep
  8. Claudia Doumit – Victoria Neuman
  9. Laz Alonso – Mother’s Milk
  10. Cameron Crovetti – Ryan
  11. Simon Pegg – Hugh Campbell Sr.
  12. Tomer Capon – Frenchie
  13. Colby Minifie – Ashley

Which are the new characters confirmed for The Boys season 4?

Six new actors have joined The Boys season 4 cast, increasing the thrill quotient for viewers. The character of Firecracker has been introduced with a skintight suit and red hair. While the character is look indicates Marvel’s Black Widow, her name is close to DC’s Firefly. Firecracker is being played by Valorie Curry.

Another stunningly costumed character in the show is Sister Sage, who will be palued by Susan Heyward. Her ringed fingers can draw a parallel with Marvel’s Nico Minoru, also called Sister Grimm. Sister Sage’s costumed has a color combination of gold and brown, which remind fans of Marvel’s Luke Cage.

Aside from them, some other actors have been finalized in undisclosed roles. They are:

  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  2. Rosemarie Dewitt
  3. Rob Benedict
  4. Elliot Knight

Episodes and titles of The Boys season 4

All the previous seasons of The Boys has had eight episodes in each season. While viewers would welcome more episodes of the show, going by history, The Boys season 4 is likely to have eight episodes as well. Since this is not the final season, more episodes will be available in the next season.

Moreover, Eric Kripke revealed the title of the first episode when announcing the start of filming. The episode is titled Department of Dirty Tricks, with writer David Reed and director Phil Sgriccia.

What will the plot of The Boys season 4 deal with?

According to Eric Kripke, the Butcher and the Homelander will fight over Ryan in the upcoming season. The showrunner further revealed in an interview that keeping the two characters in parallel importance like Batman and Joker gives dimension to the plot.

The two characters, like Homes and Moriarty, understand each other. While they hate one another, they have a lot in common. In addition, this season will focus on Victoria Neuman, who is a grey character in the White House. However, the role of popular characters like Noir is still unclear.

Spin-offs and more on The Boys

The Boys Presents: Diabolical was a spin-off released in 2022. Although it was an animated series, there has been no news of its return with a sequel. 2023 is coming with another spin-off of The Boys, titled Gen V, which is a live-action presentation. It is going to be huge covering the story of supes in Godolkin University School of Crimefighting.

Catch the spin-off on Amazon Prime. Viewers can also stream the previous seasons and spin-offs on Amazon before watching The Boys season 4. Aside from that, more online content related to the series is available on Twitter and YouTube, including the web series Seven on 7 or the audible podcast Deeper and Deeper.

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