Bridgerton author already knows season 4's love story: What is it?

What's coming in Bridgerton season 4? (Image via @bridgertonnetflix/ Instagram)

Bridgerton series author Julia Quinn knows the secret that fans of the series have been speculating and dying to know—which Bridgerton sibling will be featured in the anticipated fourth installment of the hit Netflix series. With season 3 halfway done, fans have set their sights on what love story will hit the small screen next.

During an interview with People Magazine, the series author confirmed getting insider knowledge about season 4’s love story. However, Quinn remains tight-lipped about who the next feature couple would be.

“I can’t say a word, I’ll get in so much trouble. I do know, but I can’t say yes,” she said.

So far, the first two seasons of the hit Netflix series followed the progression of Quinn’s eight-book series. However, the third season skipped the third book, And Offer From a Gentleman (Benedict Bridgerton’s story), to follow Colin and Penelope Featherington’s story from the fourth book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

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Executive producer Shonda Rhimes had previously hinted to Entertainment Tonight that the show’s order of storytelling may not be what viewers are expecting.

“We’re not necessarily going in order but we are going to be seeing each of the siblings and their stories,” she said.

The series' decision to switch up the book order has left fans at the edge of their seats. They are speculating whether season 4 will return to Benedict’s book or move on to the rest of the siblings’ stories, like Eloise’s or perhaps Francesca’s.

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Who will be the romantic leads in Bridgerton season 4?

While the show’s production and the rest of the cast members remain tight-lipped about whose romance will take center stage in season 4, they did tease that the end of season 3 will give the viewers “solid clues” about who will be the hero and heroine in the 4th installment.

Showrunner Jess Brownell addressed the popular fan question and provided insight into who the next feature couple will be with TV Insider.

“I won’t give you anything, but I do think that there are some clues at the end of season 3 of where we’re headed. So yeah, I leave that fans to pick apart, but I think we’re tipping our hand just a little bit,” she said.

In other words, fans will not have the slightest hint of which sibling is poised to take the show’s lead in season 4 until the end of season 3 is out.

Season 3 cast (Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix)
Season 3 cast (Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix)

As for fan theories, three Bridgerton siblings could take the helm of the Netflix series’ next installment.

Firstly, there’s Benedict, whose story was featured in the third book of Quinn’s eight-book series. So far in season 3, part 1, Benedict had a lot of screen time, with the first four episodes featuring his love of art and a potential affair. That said, Benedict’s love interest in the books, Sophie Beckett, is yet to be introduced in season 3.

Another fan theory about the season 4 lead is that Eloise marries Sir Phillip Crane. According to the books, Sir Phillip Crane was first introduced in season 1 and was seen again in season 2 as Marina Thompsom’s husband.

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Francesca could also be the featured lead in season 4. As some fans have pointed out, the beginning of her romance was featured in season 3, with her love interest, John Stirling, introduced in season 3 episode 3.

Bridgerton season 3, part 1, which comprises the first four episodes, is currently streaming on Netflix. Part two, another set of four episodes, will debut on the streaming platform on June 13, 2024.

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