Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot - What happened to Natalee Holloway?

Natalee Holloway
What happened to Natalee Holloway? (Image via YouTube/Peacock)

The long-unsolved missing case of Natalee Holloway took a chilling turn when her killer, Joran van der Sloot, confessed to her murder in October 2023. Holloway was on a graduation trip with her batchmates to Aruba when she went missing. As per CBS, she was last seen on May 30, 2005, with the Dutch student Joran van der Sloot, and his two friends, the Kalpoe brothers.

The investigation took about 18 years and Natalee was eventually declared dead in January 2012 at her father's request. Joran van der Sloot later confessed to bludgeoning her to death with a cinder block as she refused his sexual advances, as per People. Her body was dumped into the ocean and was never found.

Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot highlights the case involving Joran van der Sloot. It airs on May 27, 2024, at 8 pm EST on Oxygen, and the official synopsis reads:

"Delves into Joran van der Sloot's lifelong pattern of violence and pathological lying through rare interviews and new insights years after he brutally murdered American Natalee Holloway and Peruvian Stephany Flores."

What happened to Natalee Holloway?

Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old high school graduate from Alabama, had been to the Caribbean island of Aruba with her Mountain Brook High School classmates on her unofficial graduation trip. The group was accompanied by seven chaperones appointed by the high school and also included Holloway's three best friends - Liz Cain, Mallie Tucker, and Claire Fierman.

The group of young adults had been to a bar and nightclub named Carlos'n Charlie's in Oranjestad on May 30, 2005, the last day of the trip, and was last seen getting into a car around 1:30 am local time, per CBS News. Holloway had gotten into the car with the Dutch student, Joran van der Sloot (17), and the two Surinamese brothers, Deepak Kalpoe (21) and Satish Kalpoe (18).

The group was scheduled to fly back to Alabama later on the same day when Holloway was found to be missing at the Holiday Inn. One of the chaperones, Jody Bearman, informed her parents. They flew down to Aruba to work with the local police, who had gathered information on Van der Sloot from the night manager at the Holiday Inn.

While Joran van der Sloot and the two brothers initially denied knowing Holloway, they later claimed to have taken Natalee to the California Lighthouse area of Arashi Beach to see sharks, per NBC News. They mentioned dropping her off at the hotel around 2:00 am local time when she was approached by a man dressed in black.

The story by van der Sloot changed multiple times over the years till the investigation took several chilling turns, and he was arrested for the 2010 murder of Stephany Flores Ramírez. Joran van der Sloot finally confessed to killing Natalee Holloway on October 18, 2023, per The New York Times.

Joran van der Sloot reportedly bludgeoned Natalee Holloway to death with a cinder block when she refused his sexual advances. He then allegedly weighed down her body with a fish trap and tools and tossed her into the ocean, per E! Online.

Catch all the details of Natalee's disappearance as Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot airs on Oxygen on Monday.

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