Asmongold says Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds should be held "legally accountable" after a woman almost drowned on her stream

Asmongold Natalie Reynolds
Asmongold stumbled the clip of Natalie Reynolds convincing a woman to jump into a nearby body of water and had very strong thoughts on the matter (Image via Twitch/Zackrawrr || Kick/NatalieReynolds)

A recent Zack “Asmongold” stream led to him discovering a clip of Natalie Reynolds' stream. The controversial Kick streamer, for those unaware, convinced a woman to jump into a body of water for $20. On realizing the woman couldn’t swim, she did nothing to help and only apologized. While Zack wasn’t shocked something like this happened on Kick, he did have some thoughts on this kind of content.

According to the OTK co-founder, it’s not enough to just get banned from a website for controversial, dangerous content like this, but there should be legal accountability as well. In this instance, Natalie Reynolds convinced someone to jump into a lake who couldn’t swim and then just left.


Asmongold discussed streamers who take part in this kind of content, wants legal accountability

(Clip begins at 30:43)

In the early moments of Asmongold’s May 30, 2024 stream, he was reacting to a variety of things he saw on Reddit. One of these included a clip with the title “Streamers dare a homeless woman to jump into a lake and then run away when she starts yelling for help.” After reading the title, he saw the “Kick” logo:

“Oh, oh! Yeah, that makes sense.”

He watched the clip of Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds convincing a woman to jump into a lake for $20. She was taking part in a scavenger hunt for Ice Poseidon. When the woman finally jumped in and yelled that she couldn’t swim, Natalie instead said the woman “wanted” to jump in.

After watching the entire clip, Asmongold asked if the woman died in the lake; thankfully, she survived and was rescued. The editor of the clip for Zack’s channel also included a tweet from the Austin Fire Dept, saying that the incident was downgraded to a medical call.

As Asmongold thought about this, he came to an important conclusion. This stream took place around a lake, a fairly large body of water. There should have been life rafts, or flotation devices somewhere. He didn’t understand why that wasn’t someone’s first choice, instead of running away from the situation:

“I wonder like, none of them thought, maybe, if somebody was drowning, if I convinced somebody to jump in a lake, and they were drowning, and were gonna die, like, ask somebody to go get a f**king life raft. Anywhere in the water like this, this is a water area. You guys see? This is an area with water. Like, they have life vests. I guarantee you there’s probably 50 life vests inside this place. Guaranf**kingteed.”

Asmongold would turn his attention back to the actual event that took place and discuss what he felt should happen here. Kick is a website known for streamers who push the envelope and do incredibly dangerous and controversial content. In this case, someone could have drowned:

“Now, in my opinion, with something like this, what do you need to have happen with this? I want to see there be legal accountability for something like this. I don’t care about getting banned from a website. I feel like the reason people feel so fresh doing this stuff, is because they know they can get away with it.”

The streamer was convinced that if this would go to a jury, the likelihood of her going to jail as a direct result of her actions was quite high. If it were a man who did the same thing, Asmongold was convinced they would be serving time:

“I think that if this went to a jury, and she did get charged with something, she would 100% probably go to jail. And the only chance that maybe she wouldn’t, is she’s a woman. If a guy did this, he’d be going to jail, 100%. Wouldn’t even be a question.”

Natalie Reynolds is a Kick streamer and social media influencer, though she’s a controversial figure on the platform. Although she did face backlash for her actions, the content creator’s channel is still available to view on Kick.

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