Why was Greekgodx canceled? Twitch streamer's controversies explored

Greekgodx banned from Rust (Image via Twitch/Greekgodx and Rust)
Greekgodx has been banned from Rust (Image via Twitch/Greekgodx and Rust)

Twitch star Dimitri "Greekgodx" is no stranger to controversies. Greekgodx recently returned to streaming after a hiatus of three months but landed in trouble instantly. The streamer, along with content creators such as Tyler "Trainwreckstv" and Felix "xQc," have been playing the popular multiplayer survival video game Rust a lot lately. However, his antics appear to have crossed the boundaries of the game as he was banned live on stream.

This article explores the sequence of events that took place yesterday (May 28) and the streamer's eventual suspension from Rust.

Greekgodx makes strange comments to a female player while playing Rust


Greekgodx's antics began early on May 28, 2024. While playing Rust with xQc and another female content creator, Dimitri started to make some bizarre comments. The entire conversation was caught live on xQc's livestream.

The streamer oddly declared:

"Wait Sally (the female player), before you go, I just wanna say that I love you. I have never met a girl like you in my life."

A seemingly embarrassed xQc quickly directed the female player to mute Greekgodx. Felix said:

"Bro, bro, bro, just mute this guy. Just mute him. Mute him, mute him. Jesus Christ, bro."

Even the female player was bemused at the sudden comments, responding:

"Oh wow, are you like an incel? I have never met one before. Oh my god, it is. It is. Wait, I don't know, are you an incel or a simp?"

Dimitri wasn't quite done there. He proceeded to say:

"I don't know what I am. I'm in love. That's what I am. If the word beautiful had a sound it would sound like you."

Greekgodx gets a server ban from Rust live on stream

The conversation with the female streamer was just the tip of the iceberg involving Greekgodx's antics. However, it's unlikely that he was banned due to this specific incident.

While playing the game yesterday and still livestreaming, a message popped up on Dimitri's stream, stating that he was banned from Rust's server. The in-game message read:

"Amsterdam II. Procedural Map - 223/500. These are the server rules. This is where a server owner can put rules and other information about their server. Disconnected: Banned: Banned indefinitely."

While the exact reasons for the ban were not specified in the message, it came as a surprise to the streamer. He reacted by stating:

"Wait... are you kidding me? I got banned! I don't know. That's weird. Why am I banned?

Later, the streamer joined a call with fellow Twitch streamer Josiah "CoconutB," who alleged that the ban was due to Greekgodx's "community." The streamer reasoned:

"None of these people in chat that are spamming have your best interest in mind. They are f**king incels that want to watch you burn and want to farm this entire content. They have nothing f**king going on and they have never even talked to a girl, nor have they ever kissed a girl in their entire lives."

It's unclear if CoconutB meant that it was the viewers who had a direct hand in the ban or if it was due to the comments (Dimitri's chat can be quite toxic at times) his viewers had made during the livestream. He said:

"I know this chat isn't you, Greek. But you need to moderate your chat because they f**king reflect off your behavior. And you needed this event and you were getting back in good graces with so many people. But you f**ked it up, bro! You f**ked it up because you pushed the envelope too much and you're barred from this event. You might be barred from future events, too."

What are some other controversies involving Greekgodx?

Dimitri's antics are not restricted to his activities yesterday (May 28). The streamer has faced several controversies in the past, mostly due to his actions. For instance, back in May 2023, he was banned from Twitch after allegedly twerking live on stream.

In June 2022, the streamer was banned for four days after delivering a highly misogynistic rant about women he would potentially date. During the stream, he exclaimed:

"This goes to any women, women who wanna date me. Especially female streamers that wanna date me. If you wanna date me, you better believe, even if you are streaming, you're gonna have to stop streaming. Your career is done."

In July 2023, he was banned once again from Twitch after he was seen visibly mocking an Asian family during an IRL (in real life) stream by imitating Eastern languages.

As of now, Greekgodx remains banned from Rust's server. His fans will have to wait and see if the ban is temporary or long-term.

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