10 Tips and Tricks for controller players in Valorant Episode 3

Tip and tricks to play controller agents in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Playing with a controller agent in Valorant is not easy unless the players are aware of certain in-game mechanics.

Controllers are responsible for getting hold of the sites and stopping enemies from making a heavy push. If a player has great knowledge about the map and is aware of the peek spots, then controller agents are the best pick for them in Valorant. All the controllers are equipped with smoke, hence they can cover peek angles.


Valorant Agent List includes the following four controllers:

  • Viper
  • Brimstone
  • Omen
  • Astra

This article will help the controller players to know some tips and tricks to dominate in Valorant.

Tips and Tricks for Controller Players in Valorant

10) Smoke off the peeking spots

The first and foremost job of a controller in Valorant is to cover the peek angles with smoke. This will prevent the opponents from pushing in. Spots like heaven, doors and windows are the common peek spots of the enemies.

9) Communication among teammates

Communication is key to better coordination in a team game like Valorant. Controllers can cooperate with other teammates, especially entry fraggers and smoke the choke points. This way, the team can easily push into the site. Meanwhile, controllers can take care of those angles by blocking them.

8) Take Mid control

All the Valorant maps, except Bind, have a Mid from where the enemies can push as well. Thus, it is important to take control of the Mid. Players can smoke the choke points to stop them from initiating a fight in Mid.

7) Avoid using all smokes early

Valorant players often use their smoke early in the round, which sometimes goes to waste. For instance, there are certain times when the team rotates to another site. Hence, it’s best to smoke when the team is going to make a heavy push into a site.

6) Use abilities at the right moment

Apart from smoke, controllers have other abilities like Omen’s Paranoia and Brimstone’s ultimate, Orbital Strike, which require perfect timing. To execute them well, players should have good game sense and timing. Once the player predicts the position of the enemies right, they can use these abilities well.

5) Use one-way smoke

One-way smoke is one of the best techniques that allows the players to spot opponents on either side of the smoke. However, the enemies can barely see the player. This way, the player can track their position and block their sightline at the same time.

4) Bulge the smoke more towards the enemies

While smoking in an area, its better to bulge the smoke more towards enemies. Else, enemies can still push in through the spaces in smoke. When smoke bulges more towards them, they don’t get space to push in through it.

3) Use lineups

Lineups are the best way to encounter enemies without taking a peek. Viper’s Snake Bite and Brimstone’s Molly can be used with some insane lineups. One can learn and practice the lineups, especially in the post-plant scene.

2) Watch the flank

There are possibilities for opponents to flank. Hence, it’s best for the controllers to stay back and watch the flank. Meanwhile, other teammates can rush to the site and plant and take the fight into sight.

1) Map Awareness


To play a controller agent, one must be aware of every corner of the map. This will help them set up the smoke and utilize their other abilities at the right spot. Without proper map knowledge, it becomes difficult to play with controllers.

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