5 best agents in Valorant who are good to play on every map

5 of Valorant's best agents to play on every map (Image via Riot Games)
5 of Valorant's best agents to play on every map (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant consists of many agents with unique abilities to take advantage of and secure the game.

Riot Games’ Valorant is currently one of the most played FPS Esports in the world. The game not only requires strong gunplay skills but also understanding the map and coordinating with teammates to complement and utilize the different abilities.

While not all agents are best suited for all maps, some agents are quite amicable and can adapt to the different maps. From the wide spaces in Breeze to the narrow corridors of Icebox, these abilities are quite useful across all maps.


Best Valorant agents that are good to play in any map

While the unique abilities of an agent in Valorant make one more suited for a certain map, some agents are quite useful in all maps.


Class: Dualist

Abilities: Cloudburst, Updrift, Tailwind, Blade Storm

With increased mobility and the ability to reach high vantage points, Jett is one of the most picked duelist agents, regardless of the map. With Jett, players can easily take advantage of an opening to dash in and capture a site.


Class: Sentinel

Abilities: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Healing Orb, Resurrection

Sage has become imperative to any match of Valorant, regardless of the map. Not only can she heal wounded teammates and resurrect downed, but she is also quite useful to close sites. Using her Barrier orb and Slow orb, she can stop an enemy rush, forcing the team to pivot the attack.


Class: Controller

Abilities: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, Viper’s Pit

A few patches back, Viper was almost non-existent in the competitive scene. However, Riot Games’ rework of the agent and her abilities has created a new Viper meta. She can control an entire site by covering it with Viper’s Pit and splitting the map with Toxic Screen.


Class: Initiator

Abilities: Shock Bolt, Owl Drone, Recon Bolt, Hunter’s Fury

In any match of Valorant, intel is a major part. Gathering intel gives the team the advantage of knowing the location of opponents and preparing an approach accordingly. Sova is one of the most useful inter-gathering agents. He can use his recon bolt to get an idea of the location and act accordingly. He is quite useful, regardless of the map.


Class: Sentinel

Abilities: Trapwire, Cyber Cage, Spycam, Neutral Theft

The Moroccan spy Cypher is one of the most versatile agents. With his Trapwire and Spycam, Cypher can secure all entrances of a site, so it becomes hard for opponents to sneak in and plant a spike. Regardless of the map, Cypher is a great choice to have on the roster.

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