5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Jett

Sage and Breach are two of the best Agents to combo with Jett (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sage and Breach are two of the best Agents to combo with Jett (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jett is considered to be one of the top-tier Agents in Valorant due to her exceptional mobility and ability to create space for her team. Her kit allows her to easily escape dangerous situations and outmaneuver opponents, making her a formidable opponent in the hands of a skilled player. Despite her strengths, Jett still benefits greatly from having a supportive team to help her safely enter sites and take advantageous fights.

In Valorant, teamwork is crucial, and finding Agents that synergize well with Jett can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your team's strategies. If you prefer playing a supportive role, this article will provide you with several options for Agents that pair well with Jett. Whether you prefer playing defensively or aggressively, there is an Agent that can complement your playstyle and help you achieve victory.


Breach, Sage, and three other Agents that you can use to set Jett up for success in Valorant

1) Breach


The Swedish Agent is an Inititator in the game. He has one of the strongest flashes that has the shortest wind-up time. Breach also has two other crowd control abilities in the form of Aftershock and Faultline. While the former deals damage in its Area of Effect (AoE), the latter leaves those hit by it stunned.

When paired with Jett, you will want to use a combination of one Flashpoint along with one of the two abilities as Jett prepares to enter a site. Sending out a stun in common positions defenders hold, along with a correctly placed flash, will surely get your Jett duo a kill or two.

2) Sova


Sova is the OG information gathering Agent in Valorant. He has been around right from the beginning of the game, and despite being nerfed to a great extent since then, you will be able to help your Jett duo with your abilities quite easily. There are two ways to help out Jett as Sova, although you can use a combination of the two as well.

The first is having Jet walk into a site alongside Sova's Owl Drone. Opponents usually try to get away from the drone or try to break it. In the earlier case, Jett will be able to set herself up at a clever angle as they scurry away. If the opponents try to break the smoke, Jett can use that as a distraction to catch them off guard.

The second way is to send a Recon Bolt into the site to reveal enemy positions as Jett dashes into a Cloudburst. They will likely be distracted by the bolt and try to break it, making them easy targets. If they are revealed, Jett can easily kill them from inside her Cloudburst while being difficult to target.

3) Sage


Sage is often seen as the primary healing Agent in Valorant, but her Slow Orb makes her an excellent support for Jett. By placing the Slow Orb in key defensive positions, Jett gains a massive mobility advantage while entering the site, making it harder for defenders to hit her accurately.

Additionally, Jett can use Sage's wall to gain an additional boost for her double Updraft plays with her Ultimate. If Jett takes damage in an early fight, she can come back to full HP thanks to the recent changes to Sage's Healing Orb in Valorant. Overall, Sage's kit complements Jett's mobility and aggressive playstyle, making her a great pick for any Jett player.

4) Omen


Omen belongs to the Controller class in Valorant, and his ability to smoke off important angles during a site-take makes him a great partner for Jett. In addition, Omen has access to an ability called Paranoia that nearsights and deafens players hit by it. This can be used to leave enemies in a vulnerable position as your Jett teammate enters the site and takes them out easily.

Furthermore, Omen's Shrouded Step ability allows him to quickly get into the site and fight alongside Jett, providing backup and potentially trading each other's deaths if necessary.

5) Raze


Raze is also a Duelist in Valorant like Jett. This makes her less of a support Agent and more of an accompanying duo to Jett. If you have faith in your mechanical and movement abilities, learning how to use Raze's double Blast Pack can be extremely useful.

The amount of chaos created by Raze satchelling in alongside a Jett bursting into site with her dash is bound to throw enemy defenses into a frenzy, making them easy targets. Raze also has a Boombot and an AoE grenade that you can use to clear tight corners that might otherwise be difficult for Jett to clear by herself.

These five Valorant Agents are excellent choices to pair with Jett. However, it's crucial to have clear communication with Jett, whether you're playing together or with a stranger, for any of these combos to be effective. With good communication, you'll be able to execute your strategies and wreak havoc in ranked games.

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