Valorant Guide: How to play Fade on Lotus

Playing Fade on Valorant
Playing Fade on Valorant's new map Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 saw the addition of a new map called Lotus. It, along with a revamped Split, has replaced Bind and Breeze to maintain the title's seven-map pool. The new map is set in "a lost city" in Omega Earth's India. Lotus has three sites, rotating doors, a breakable wall, and a silent drop as its special mechanics. It is similar to Haven in terms of dimensions but is more complex when it comes to its layout and needs to be approached differently.

Ever since Fade was released, she has proven to be one of the best Initiators in Valorant. Her kit grants the ability to gather information, clear areas of the map, and crowd-control to stall pushes. Although there have been several attempts to nerf her, she still feels extremely powerful, often outshining other Agents in her class.


Playing Fade on Lotus is not very different from playing the Turkish Valorant character on other maps. This guide will tell you how to fine-tune your playstyle for this Agent when using her on Lotus.

Guide to playing Fade on Valorant's new map Lotus


If you want to play Fade on any map in the game, you will be required to know certain lineups and communicate with your team so that you can get the best value from her kit.

Fade is a strong Agent on both attack and defense because her kit allows her to reveal the enemies' location and debuff the enemies to make them easier to kill. The following sections will teach you how to use Fade for both roles on Valorant's latest map.

How to play Fade on Attack in Lotus


Depending on the Agent composition of your team, you will have to decide if you're going to play with your teammates or alone as a lurker. Ideally, if you are the only Initiator in your party, it is suggested that you stick with your squad. However, if your group has more Agents who can gather information from a distance, you can also use Fade to access enemy territories alone.

You should always try to use Fade's Haunt to gain information on either extremity of the map to learn about defender-side movement. Since it's a rechargeable ability, you will get to use it at least one more time after that, especially when your team is ready to push into a site. Moreover, Haunt will help you and your team take the fight to the enemy immediately after the barrier falls.

You should use Fade's Prowler as your squad is about to enter a site to clear spaces that would otherwise be difficult for your teammates to secure. Some of these spots on Lotus include the box as you enter through B-main, C-Bend, and inside the tube-like structure on A-Site. Prowler will also come in super handy when playing against a Cypher setup to break up tripwires.

On attack, Seize can also be used in combination with Raze Paintshells or Breach Aftershock to secure difficult-to-clear corners and even get a cheeky kill or two.

On rounds you have Fade's ultimate, you should use it on either the A or B site because of how much of the site and its periphery Nightfall covers.

How to play Fade on Defense in Lotus


Playing Fade on the new Valorant map is about conveying information to your teammates promptly. It is best to guard a site with an Agent that has damaging utility so as to make the most out of Fade's Seize's decay effect.

Even on defense, using Haunt at the start of the round is a good idea as that will allow you to collect information pushing this ability multiple times throughout the round.

Prowler can be used both as a stalling tool and during retakes. Combined with a Haunt, it can make clearing areas while retaking a site much easier. Because it follows the tracks of enemies marked by Haunt or Nightfall, it is best used after enemy locations have been revealed.

Overall, Fade is a very good Agent on the new map if you have the right lineups. You must constantly communicate with your team about the information you gain. As more passes, you will find more ways to innovate your Valorant gameplay with Fade on Lotus.

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