How to attack on Valorant's Lotus map?

Guide on attacking in Valorant
Guide on attacking in Valorant's new map Lotus (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's new map Lotus is now live. Players can play the map as soon as they get the game's latest update for Episode 6 Act 1. Lotus is currently only available in Swiftplay and can be queued separately. The map will enter the Unrated and Competitive queue after a week with Patch 6.1.

Lotus features three bomb sites and has certain unique features. There are two rotating doors on either extremity of the map. There is also a breakable wall and a silent drop near the A-Site of the map.

This map is more complex in design with its convoluted passages and elevation changes.


Upon first look, it does look a little attacker-sided, as was Haven, the other three-site map in Valorant, because of how spread out defenders have to be. However, this guide will be an excellent place to get you started on the basics of attacking each site in Valorant's new map Lotus. You can improvise on these methods as you familiarize yourself with the map.

Attacking strategies for Valorant's new map Lotus


A common factor to consider when it comes to attacking all three sites on Valorant's new map Lotus is that defenders will have access to a lot more space on the map before the round starts than attackers. So attackers will have to be cautious of aggressive pushes from the defending side from all sides of the map at the start of the map.

Another thing to remember is that each site has more easily accessible entry points during retakes than during attacks. So, post-plants will most likely not be as straightforward as planting the spike in the open, and playing from a distance and holding space on the site will be necessary. Lotus also looks like a map where good lurks will generate much value.

With the essential information in place, you can move into the specifics of how to attack the new Valorant map. The following sections will give detailed accounts of how to approach attacking each site.

1) A-site


Attacking the A-side on Lotus is going to be the most complicated. There are several ways that attackers can go, which means it also has the most places defenders could be set up.

The most critical area of the new Valorant map that attackers will need to control to successfully plant and defend the spike is A-main, as it is vulnerable to pushes from two to three directions during site takes and retakes. Killjoy will likely be the best at controlling this area, with their Turret watching a couple of these angles while she holds off any quick flanks with her Alarmbot.

You will need to invest some utility in holding clear and take A-Main. A smoke on A-Stairs and a flash or two should give you access to the area. The rest of the A-Site should be reasonably easy to take with this area under control if you place a second smoke on A-Top and split into the site through A-Tree.

2) B-Site


Taking A-Main control will be necessary even while hitting the B-Site, as A-link is the more logical way to split into B besides B-Main. Once again, someone (preferably Cypher or Killjoy) will have to be on the constant flank watch.

Once you have B-main control, you will want to smoke off the back of B and B-Top before clearing the site from Main and A-Link. It is not recommended to plant the spike under the stairs as it might be challenging to defend.

B-site post plant can be played aggressively, pushing into B-Upper and C-Link to catch retakers off-guard.

3) C-Site


The C-Site of Valorant's latest map is probably the most straightforward to attack. There is one direct path of entry for the attackers. Fighting the C-Mound area will be crucial for this. Once that is achieved, entering the site should be easy enough with one smoke each on C-Hall and C-Waterfall.

C-Bend is also easy enough to clear using damaging and crowd control abilities. The post-plant on this site is also considered conventional as long as you have someone caring for flanks and surprise attacks from the rotating doors. You can even push into the defender's spawn through Hall.

The map currently feels slightly more defender-sided than attack because of how much space is readily granted to them owing to the barrier placements. However, if the attackers use utility well to gather information and choose the right site to attack, they will have quite the advantage.

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