All rotating doors, breakable walls, and their locations in Valorant’s new map Lotus

Valorant's new map has rotating doors, breakable walls and more (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games released the trailer for a new map for their character-based tactical FPS title Valorant on January 6, 2023. At the start of Episode 6 Act 1, Lotus will be a fresh addition to the pool.

According to developers, Lotus is set in the Western Ghats of Omega Earth's India. It is located in an "ancient lost city" with active radianite mining sites and features traditional Indian stepwells built in the rock-cut Dravidian style of architecture.


This Valorant map has many unique features, as is the case with most, such as rotating doors and breakable walls. Herein, we give you the exact location of each unique feature, so you are prepared when the map comes out on January 10, 2023.

Hacks to exploit in the new Valorant map

Lotus has three plant sites, like its Bhutanese neighbor Haven. It is also a map with several gradual slopes that lead to quite an undulating topography. Outside of these factors, there are rotating doors, one breakable wall, and a one-way slide that lets players drop from a higher ground without letting the opponent hear them.

Locations of rotating doors in Lotus


Rotating doors are the most remarkable of the new features of Lotus. These can be opened from both sides and connected by pressing a button. After pressing the button, the doors rotate around a central axis, temporarily allowing players to pass through before shutting off again.

The new map features two doors close to either end of the map. The first one, A-Door, is between A-Rubble and A-Tree. A-Tree is similar to the eponymous area in Ascent, wherein it is a second pathway other than A-main for attackers to enter the A-Site.

The second rotating door, C-Door, is on the C-extremity of the map and serves to connect C- and B-Mains. This doorway is between the two plant sites and is likely a contested area in mid-rounds when attackers might consider rotating, and defenders will try to catch them at it.

Location of the breakable wall in Lotus


The breakable wall in Lotus is similar to the destructible doors in Valorant's Ascent, except that it cannot be opened without breaking. At every round's start, the wall regenerates when broken; however, it doesn't regenerate once broken during a round.

No marking is provided for this wall on the minimap, making it impossible to know whether it has been broken after the start of the round if a player misses the sound cue.

The wall is at the end of the small connecting passage between A-main and B-site, called A-Link. Similarly, players can view this wall as the C-Door, with similar possibilities.

Location of the silent drop in Lotus


Beginners should know that every single drop from an elevated point, no matter how small, in Valorant makes a sound unless the player is pressing their Shift key.

The slope-like structure at the back of the A-Site of Lotus lets players silently get down from A-Top to A-Drop without pressing Shift. This move might come into play while retaking the site as a defender or lurking on Lotus as an Attacker.

A point worth noting is that this slope usually is traversable only from high to low ground. Going to the high ground without using Agent utility is impossible.

Players can play Valorant's new map as soon as Episode 6 Act 1 is released in their region. Upcoming additions and features in this map have garnered major hype since the trailer, and this guide helps prepare players for what is to come and the pinpoint locations of these unique features.

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Edited by Angad Sharma