5 things you didn't know about Killjoy in Valorant

Killjoy can be a deadly Agent in the right hands (Image via Riot Games)
Killjoy can be a deadly Agent in the right hands (Image via Riot Games)

Killjoy is one of the most popular Sentinels in Valorant. Armed with a lot of fancy gadgets, this German prodigy is one of the sharpest Agents to have ever joined the roster. Not much is known about her, except for the fact that she's a scientist and at least one of her parents is German.

Interestingly enough, each and every Agent in Valorant has some really interesting lore behind them — and Killjoy is no different. Here are some facts about her that very few players know about.

5 interesting facts about Killjoy in Valorant

1) She invented most of the tech used in the Valorant Protocol


It's common knowledge that Killjoy is an inventor in Valorant. Interestingly enough, she is the one who designed most of the technology used by her fellow Agents.

She's the whiz behind Brimstone's bracer, which is more like a tactical map that the Agent carries around with him. Not only that, he can also use his bracer to remotely deploy smoke charges anywhere on the map. Not to mention, he also deploys his ultimate ability using this very item.

Moreover, the voicelines between the two individuals show that they've shared a cordial relationship for quite some time. Not only that, Brimstone probably knew Killjoy even since she was a child.

2) Killjoy plays League of Legends


League of Legends is a very popular title released and developed by Riot Games. Interestingly enough, the developer exists in the world of Valorant as well. Although this isn't something that is unheard of, it is very rare. Having the real world exist in a fictional universe is a method used by developers to inculcate another realm of realism within their titles.

For some reason, Killjoy playing League of Legends is somewhat believable as well. For someone as smart as her, it shouldn't come off as a surprise to anyone that she actively participates in LoL.

3) Her turret has legs and can move


Killjoy's turret can be a really deadly ability in Valorant. Although she does have to stay within its vicinity for it to be active, it can be really helpful when holding down sites while defending an area or during post-plant scenarios.

As seen in many videos, Killjoy's turret can move about thanks to its legs. This feature, however, is disabled in Valorant, primarily because it would absolutely break the game. Not that it wouldn't be fun to be able to control a movable turret or have it move by itself, but it would throw the meta off balance.

4) Max Bot


Max Bot is a training robot that Killjoy and Raze have developed together. It is basically a machine that can mimic the abilities of each and every Agent in the Valorant Protocol.

The Max Bot can be seen in the Warm Up cinematic in its full glory. What's more is the fact that most of the Agents had to work together to take it down, before Brimstone and Sage stepped in and stopped the game. This video is also a reference to several memes that revolved around Cypher possibly dying in each and every cinematic.

At the end of the Warm Up cinematic, Cypher can be seen checking in on a downed Max Bot while he's unarmed. The robot, however, engages him just as he lets out a deep sigh.

5) The Spike is Killjoy's invention


Killjoy has probably designed a lot of items for Kingdom Corporation, and the Spike is one of them. Whenever she defuses a Spike in any round, she says, "oh no no, you do not deserve my inventions." This could very well be a reference to the fact that Killjoy has indeed invented the Spike.

For the uninitiated, the Spike is a device that assists in stealing Radianite. The Agents from Omega Earth were the first ones to use it to steal the resource from Alpha Earth. So, whenever Killjoy sees her invention being misused like this, she expresses her displeasure with it.

That said, these are the five pieces of uncommon trivia that not everyone knows about Killjoy in Valorant. Most importantly, these pieces of information have been derived from several snippets available about the Agent, as seen in her voice lines, Agent dossiers, and various other cinematics released by Riot Games.

With each new season, the developers keep adding new bits and pieces of lore regarding most Agents. So, it's really interesting to see how detailed the narrative gets. Despite being a tactical shooter, it's good to see that there's an underlying story to the game as well.

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