7 best post-plant utilities in Valorant

Some Valorant Agents possess the best utilities for post-plant situations (Image via Riot Games)
Some Valorant Agents possess the best utilities for post-plant situations (Image via Riot Games)

Post-plant situations in Valorant tend to be very unpredictable, especially for beginners. One way to solve the uncertainty is to learn post-plant utility lineups, allowing players to win rounds effortlessly. However, remembering lineups will require lots of dedication on their part.

Valorant, being a multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter, is heavily based on team coordination. However, many users solo queue for ranked games and often face a lack of communication in matches.


Solo-queuing gamers may notice a lack of synergy within their team, leading to a communication gap. Post-plant utility lineups can help cover up a part of the gap, letting them pick easy kills and rounds.

Fortunately, Valorant has a roster of 20 Agents, with ten offering significantly useful utilities for post-plant situations. However, readers seem to step over some particular Agents with massive support potential, perfect for stopping the Spike from defusing or ensuring its detonation.

Use these seven post-plant utilities for best results in Valorant

1) Viper's Pit (Viper)


Viper's Ultimate allows her to spray a chemical cloud around her, incredible for post-plant attack and retake situations in Valorant. It decreases the maximum health of any enemy entering the area and reduces their vision.

On the other hand, Viper can see a highlighted version of her enemies entering the pit.

Players can choose to plant the Spike inside the Viper's Pit or try to outplay their enemies with a twist. They can also combine her Snake Bite lineups with her Ultimate to discourage enemies further. They must ensure to walk and not run inside a Viper's Pit to avoid giving out location.

Lastly, a Viper must be aware of an aggressive push into her Ultimate, as tackling enemies from every corner can be challenging. Users in Viper's Pit must try to be as unpredictable as possible to confuse enemies.

They may use Viper's basic and signature abilities in combination to outplay enemies more effectively.

2) Incendiary (Brimstone)


One of the best post-plant utilities in Valorant happens to be Brimstone's Incendiary, or as he calls it, Molly. Being a Controller, playing post-plants is Brimstone's forte.

Usually used in combination with his Ultimate, Incendiary deals lethal damage, stopping gamers from defusing the Spike. They can learn the lineups for Brimstone's Molly if they aim to outplay their enemies.

Once the Spike is planted, Brimstone can move away to a relatively safer location from where he can perform a lineup and hear the Spike's sound.

If an enemy seems to be immediately pushing into the site for defusal, readers must fire the Incendiary as quickly as possible to discourage them and head for a sneaky kill. If there's no rush, they can wait for the Spike to speed up and launch the Incendiary.

3) Orbital Strike (Brimstone)


The third entry on this list is Brimstone's Ultimate, Orbital Strike, which is hard to dodge if launched unpredictably. It deals high damage-over-time, capable of killing any enemy, even with full health points, if they fail to evade the area of effect.

In a post-plant situation, Orbital Strike heavily discourages enemies from defusing the Spike in Valorant. Players can also use it to clear out enemies from critical corners of the map.

Brimstone's Ultimate is also helpful in retake situations where enemies try to lurk until they hear the Spike defusing.

An enemy can make a note of Brimstone's Ultimate state and easily predict his plans. However, it is highly effective at stopping a Spike defusal and is even more powerful when used in combination with Incendiary.

4) Snake Bite (Viper)


Viper can equip two of these chemical launchers that deal considerable damage when used tactically.

Like Brimstone's Incendiary, her Snake Bite lineups can also be used effectively, addressing post-plant situations in Valorant. However, users should try using Viper's Molly in combination with her Poison Cloud.

Like Brimstone's Incendiary, Viper's Snake Bite deals considerable damage but only slower. Hence, using her Poison Cloud helps decay an enemy's health faster, leading to a perfect lineup.

Gamers can also use Snake Bite in combination with her Ultimate, Viper's Pit, for an easy kill in Valorant.

Like Brimstone, Viper has to make her way to a lineup location safely and within time. She can also choose to stay close and fire the Snake Bite towards the Spike location during defusal. It allows her to grab a kill or discourage enemies from defusing the Spike in a Valorant match.

5) Nanoswarm (Killjoy)


Killjoy is one of the best Valorant Agents to tackle post-plant situations. All her abilities provide extreme support to her and the team in both attack and defense. Her Nanoswarm grenades are perfect for stopping an enemy from defusing the Spike.

With Killjoy's Nanoswarms, all players need to do is place them on the Spike. They can also learn lineups to make setting the grenades in tight situations easier.

Users can then move away from the Site to a safer location. Once an enemy starts defusing the Spike, they can activate the grenades to deal damage.

Gamers should note that enemies can destroy Nanoswarm grenades if they detect them. They can hear Killjoy's grenades buzzing and see a faint pink border when near.

Readers may use the Alarmbot to distract the enemy and, when they are, activate the Nanoswarms.

6) Lockdown (Killjoy)


Killjoy, a Sentinel in Valorant, carries a powerful Ultimate that can significantly help in post-plant situations. Lockdown, when initiated, deploys a large dome-like field around itself, and any enemy caught within its radius at the end of the timer will be detained.

If Killjoy hears her enemies approaching the Site with the Spike, she can deploy her Lockdown to nullify their plans. However, she should ensure the device is hidden from the enemies, as they can destroy it. Her Lockdown is also great for retake situations.

Killjoy can also combine other utilities to enforce her post-plant plan. She can use her Nanoswarms to protect the Spike from being defused and her Alarmbot and Turret for added intel on her enemies.

7) Hunter's Fury (Sova)


The last name on this list is Sova's Ultimate, Hunter's Fury. Being an Initiator in Valorant, gathering intel is Sova's first duty. However, his powerful Ultimate lets players play post-plant situations too. He can also use his Shock Darts in conjunction to make it a more effective plan.

Hunter's Fury lets Sova equip three powerful energy blasts that can penetrate walls. If an explosion hits enemies, it will reveal their location and reduce their health.

Since Sova has three such blasts, he can also secure a kill, provided he correctly predicts an enemy's location.

In the case of post-plant situations, Sova can wait for the enemy to try defusing the Spike. Once that happens, he can unleash his Fury on the Spike location.

The opponent may predict his moves and dodge them. That's when gamers can use Sova's Recon Bolt and Shock Darts to dumbfound the enemy further, securing an easy win.

Being unpredictable with Agent utilities is the key to winning a post-plant fight.

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