5 tips for attacking on Valorant's Pearl (& 5 tips for defending)

Attacking and defending on Valorant
Attacking and defending on Valorant's Pearl can be intimidating (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's Pearl is finally live. Fans of the community are already going berserk, figuring out their way on this map. Overall, it is one of the most straightforward yet technical arenas to make its way into the game.

Interestingly enough, Pearl opens up new avenues in terms of lore for the developers since it's based on Omega Earth, the mirror world to Alpha Earth. Riot Games has also launched a Crossover Event Pass, scheduled to last for approximately three weeks for everyone in Valorant.

Players don't need to purchase this pass; they just need to play matches and earn XP to unlock the various rewards on it.

In any map in Valorant, a strong Agent pick is essential. It's important to know their strengths and weaknesses to use them effectively. That said, Pearl, as mentioned before, can get really technical.

Five valuable pointers for attacking on Valorant's Pearl


1) Spike


While attacking, planting spikes is the main objective of the attackers. However, it's not mandatory to always carry it.

Attackers can drop the spike at any point on the map and then continue to eliminate the defenders one by one, using it as bait. Although this strategy can be used in Valorant's Pearl, there's no guarantee that it'll always work.

Attackers also need to see who carries the spike. Initiators shouldn't be the ones with it because they're first pushing into the corners and sites. It's wise if gamers in a supporting role keep the spike with them.

2) Rushing


Rushing is a strategy usually looked down upon because it's a high-risk, high-reward maneuver. Attackers can rush to the site and take it by using the element of surprise.

Since Pearl is a new map, users are still getting used to the layout. On a map that has two sites, defenders are usually split up between both. Rushing into a site can give attackers a numbers advantage.

However, they need to remember not to do this too often.

3) Peek Play


Taking peeks is an excellent way to check for enemies on site. Attackers can split themselves up into different sub-teams and push to various sites.

Whichever sub-team gets the initial peek correctly can give the call to their remaining teammates to come and help them secure the site.

Once the initial peek kill is done, players can either wait for their teammates to arrive or push onto the site and secure it while waiting for their remaining teammates.

4) Rotation


Peeking and site control are as important as rotating. If attackers can't take one site, or they've suffered casualties, rotating onto the other site on Valorant's Pearl could be a sound choice.

If there's an intense firefight at one site, there's a chance the defenders will concentrate there, leaving the other site empty. Attackers must utilize this window to move to another site and go for the plant.

5) Abilities


Every Agent has their own set of abilities in Valorant. Knowing which one to use can often be the deciding factor for victory on Pearl.

For a map that is as compact as this one, initiator abilities are essential. Sova's Recon Bolts can help gather initial intel on a site.

Alternatively, flashing before entering corners is crucial because it gives attackers an advantage. So, knowing when to use abilities is a vital skill that users should master to excel in Pearl.

Five ways to defend well on Valorant's new map

1) Holding sites


Pearl has two sites, just like most maps in Valorant. Being able to lock down one site on this map can prove to be very beneficial.

For starters, if Agents like Killjoy and Sage can hold down any site with their abilities, the remaining Agents can easily manage the other one.

Overall, it's just wise to split the team and watch different areas simultaneously. It might be risky, but it can help gamers win games effectively.

2) Watching flank


Valorant's Pearl has lots of entry points. As defenders, knowing where the primary entry points are and watching the flanks is very important.

Getting killed from the side while covering the primary entry site is a silly mistake many players encounter during matches.

Effectively covering a flank with either an ability line-up or an Agent can make or break a game. Moreover, having a map presence is way more important than being able to hold just one site.

3) Abilities


Like attacking, knowing when to use abilities while defending is quite essential. Although initiators like Sova and Fade might be regarded as irrelevant during a defensive scenario, their intel-gathering skills can be highly crucial and turn the tides of the game even while defending.

In fact, these Agents are critical because they have vital intel-gathering abilities, unlike others on the roster.

4) Patience


At the end of the day, defending is nothing but a waiting game, as players shouldn't push too hard. In fact, they shouldn't push at all while defending.

The main objective for attackers is to plant the spike at either site. They will have to make a move sometime or the other.

In such scenarios in Valorant, the best idea is to wait for the attackers to enter the site or use their abilities. Either of these two occurrences can provide defenders with enough intel to know where the attackers are. They can then plan their moves accordingly.

5) Mixing it up


Not all strategies work out every time. Defenders can mix their plans in every round to keep enemies on their toes.

Not using the same Agent at the same site, or trying a different combination of Agent ability line-ups, can often yield surprising results.

Note: This article is solely based on the author's opinions.

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