5 most expensive Vandal skins in Valorant, ranked

Most expensive Vandal skins (Image via Sportskeeda)
Most expensive Vandal skins (Image via Sportskeeda)

Among all Valorant weapon cosmetics, Vandal skins are the most popular. The explanation is simple: it is regarded as the most effective rifle in Valorant. Many gamers understandably choose to get better Vandal cosmetics if they are going to purchase any at all.

Players cannot sell or trade skins like they can in the Steam marketplace. As such, it's critical to look at them and see what they bring to the table before making a purchase.

Note: This article is subjective and represents the author's opinions.

Ranking the most expensive Vandal skins players can get their hands on in Valorant


Developer Riot Games has had plenty of time to design memorable weapon skins since Valorant's release in June 2020.

Cosmetics are available in a variety of pricing, versions, and animations, and are the ideal method for fans to express themselves in the first-person shooter. And, because the Vandal is one of the most popular firearms in the game, players have plenty of options to choose from.

The Vandal vs. Phantom discussion amongst Valorant gamers will almost certainly last forever, with the former winning due to its longer damage range and headshot capability.

Getting a sick headshot with the Vandal is rewarding, but it's enhanced by the presence of an exceptional skin. Here are some of the most expensive cosmetics for the rifle in Riot's tactical shooter:

5) Chronovoid Vandal


The Chronovoid skin collection resembles the Cavalier skin set from the Act 2 Battle Pass. It has a futuristic appearance and the skins are heavily bronzed with white and black accents. Even though it's a new cosmetic, the design isn't as impressive as some of the other skins on this list.

The Valorant Chronovoid Vandal is part of a new set that was made available on September 20, 2022. The complete collection comes with a melee, Sheriff gun, Judge, Phantom, and Vandal. Each skin comes with three unlockable extra versions (see article for variants), with the collection costing a total of 8,700 VP.

4) Prelude to Chaos Vandal


This Vandal cosmetic is part of the Prelude to Chaos collection and was released on June 22, 2022 as part of a five-skin package. The melee sword, Shorty pistol, Stinger, Vandal, and Operator were included in the complete set. The skins look amazing and the custom reload animation puts it in the fourth place.

The weapons are unique and detailed, with three varieties apiece, and are set in a dramatic purple, black, and gold palette.The total cost of the bundle is 8,700 VP, with the knife costing 4,350 VP and the individual firearms costing 2,175 VP.

3) RGX 11z Pro Vandal


The Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Vandal is part of a new skin collection that was made available on October 6, 2021. A melee weapon, Frenzy pistol, Guardian, Stinger and Vandal are included in it.

Each skin comes in three colors: red, blue, and yellow, as well as LEDs that change to four different colors. The collection is designed in a modern style with raw metal tones and features some of the cleanest looking skins in the game.

2) Glitchpop Vandal


This Vandal skin is from the Glitchpop collection and was published as part of the enlarged second set on February 4, 2021. The gun skin costs 2,175 VP, while the entire Glitchpop Set 2 (8,700 VP) comprises of an Axe, Classic, Vandal, Phantom, and Operator.

The first Glitchpop set costs 8,700 VP and includes the Knife, Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, and Odin. The animations and finishers are something to look out for when purchasing this set.

1) Elderflame Vandal


This skin is a member of the Elderflame collection and has three unlockable varieties. The entire set was published on July 10 and contains the Frenzy, Knife, Judge, Vandal, and Operator. The design and features are intricate, with unusual VFX and animations, such as the dragon coming to life and grabbing the magazine from your grasp.

The Elderflame Vandal can be unlocked by paying 2,475 VP in the Valorant shop. The skin may also be purchased as part of the whole set. Individual VFX, animations, and versions may be unlocked for Radianite points (earnable and purchasable). Its over-the-top design awards it the first place on this list.

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