5 things we know about Valorant’s upcoming Indian Agent so far

Valorant's upcoming Agent 21: 5 things we know about the Indian Agent in Valorant so far. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Some of the most anticipated Acts/Episodes in Valorant happen to be the ones introducing new Agents. Riot Games regularly adds new faces to the game's character roster to diversify the meta. After all, a free-to-play first-person shooter may lose its luster over time.


The much-awaited Indian Agent, Varun Batra, has been teased in-game and through leaks for a long time. The recent State of the Agents press release for September 2022 confirmed Varun Batra's arrival soon. In addition to his state, the developers also mentioned a few exciting bits about him.

This article will elaborate on five things that have been confirmed for the soon-to-appear Indian Agent in Valorant.

All the exciting revelations surrounding Valorant's Varun Batra so far

1) Varun Batra is a known fugitive of a multinational task force


The most intriguing feature of Varun Batra happens to be his lore, which Riot Games has openly teased in-game via Easter Eggs. One of the mysterious bits sheds light on Batra's uncertain past, having stolen a priceless artifact.

As Fade mentioned in an email to Brimstone, he is the "keeper of Legion's new power source" and hence, is an essential target for Valorant Protocol on Alpha Earth. It will be interesting to witness how this story spans out when Varun makes his entry into the Protocol.

2) He is a Controller Agent


Another expected revelation surrounding Varun Batra in the release happens to be his Agent type. He will be joining the Protocol as a Controller, alongside Astra, Brimstone, Viper, and Omen.

His entrance will open new territories for players who like to play smokes in Valorant. It's mentioned that he will be mimicking Viper's capabilities of covering and controlling a large area.

The press release also mentioned how the Controller category in Valorant has long-awaited a new addition after Astra's introduction last year. With Pearl's addition to the map pool and Split's simultaneous departure, the smokes catergory was in a dire need of renovation.

3) Varun Batra will command the power of water.


After days of speculations engulfing the air and the underwater paradise Pearl's release, Batra's main element of power has possibly received a final official nod.

John “RiotMEMEMEMEME” Goscicki, Senior Character Producer for Riot Games' Valorant team, made a bunch of water references while talking about the upcoming Agent.

The name 'Varun' has long been speculated to be an indication of the Hindu God, Varuna, who is said to command the oceans. With Goscicki's usage of words like "drought," "soak," and "flood," and the phrase "blue ocean of opportunity" n his written speech, the speculations from earlier sure look promising.

4) Varun Batra is closely associated with Mumbai


Batra's country of origin was confirmed a long time back from his name. However, his city of origin, Mumbai, may have received some mentions in the recent State of the Agents.

The picture revealed in the press release showcased a part of a historical monument, The Gateway of India, which is situated in Mumbai, and Batra's love for tea and samosa chat.

It is also possible that he has set up his base in Mumbai for some time and isn't directly from the city. That said, fans won't have to wait for long to know the exact story.

5) Varun will receive a trailer soon


As mentioned by Goscicki, Agent 21 is "almost ready to go out." Batra will most probably make his entrance in Valorant's Episode 5 Act 3, and receive a trailer even sooner.

With the Grand Finals of VCT Champions 2022 lingering around the corner, the Indian elite may get a special revelation, an Agent trailer to be precise, during the event.

The much-anticipated trailer will give more vivid insights into Batra's origins and how the Valorant Protocol will manage to acquire him for their good.

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