5 new hints that prove Valorant's next Agent is Indian: Samosa chat, Mumbai, and more

The entire image depicts a very regular day near the Gateway of India (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant has a lot of agents from many countries all over the world. Each of them has a unique skill set and an appearance that reflects their nationality. Over the past few months, there have been several leaks suggesting that the upcoming agent will be of Indian origin.

Given what was seen in the recent State of Agents blog post, Riot Games has confirmed that the next agent in Valorant will indeed be of Indian origin. That said, here are a few pointers that confirm his roots.

5 hints that confirm the new agent's nationality in Valorant

As mentioned above, the State of Agents blog post showed a brand new picture that resembled someone sitting in a small shack-like place, on a bench with snacks and a cup of tea. The overall scenario has a strong Indian feel to it, confirming that the next agent will be of the same origin. Here are five noticeable pointers, as seen in the image.

1) Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a very popular landmark in Mumbai. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the arch-monument was built to commemorate the arrival of the first British Monarch to visit the country. The structure, at least a part of it, is seen in the image. Moreover, the boats look very similar to what they have in the actual location.

While this might not directly confirm him being an Indian or someone with similar roots, it definitely proves that he is currently in India, or at least, he was hiding in the country for a certain amount of time.

2) The steaming glass of tea

Tea is a beverage that is very common in most Indian households. A lot of the people there love consuming the beverage with milk. Moreover, the glass in which it's served is something that is common to the country's streets as well.

Typically known as "cutting chai," this form of tea is usually prepared with milk and a mild concoction of spices, giving it a spicy twist. Most individuals love consuming a steaming cup of tea, and it looks like Valorant's new Agent doesn't stray too far from his roots.

3) Samosa chat

Samosa chat is a common street food that's found in India. This is probably one of the greatest hints that the new agent is of the same origin. Otherwise, it makes no sense as to why Riot would just randomly name the image 'Samosachaat.jpg' unless they don't plan on introducing an individual with Indian roots.

There's also a plate of Samosas in the image as well, served alongside the glass of tea. It is a common Indian snack as well and can be found on almost every Indian street, including the area near the Gateway of India.

4) Natraj pencil

Pencils are used by almost everyone globally, and thus, throwing a pencil into an image doesn't really prove anything. However, the product seen in the image isn't an ordinary one, to begin with. The design, as seen in the picture, is iconic.

This design is usually seen on Nataraj Pencils, a company founded in India. This brand is quite popular in the country and can be easily identified by its signature red and black stripes.

5) “Jald hi milte hain.”

This line was used as a conclusion to the entire State of Agents blog post for this month. This Hindi statement translates to "See you soon," and is probably indicative of the fact that the agent will soon be spotted in Valorant. Although being able to speak Hindi doesn't necessarily mean that the individual is an Indian, it's unlikely that someone will greet others in Hindi randomly.

These are five major takeaways from the Valorant State of Agents blog post. Several leaks have previously hinted at the new agent's nationality. This is just Riot's own way of confirming all the leaks. Moreover, as a game, Valorant is quite popular in India as well. So, including an agent from the country is a nice way to increase the fanbase within.

It has long been revealed that Varun Batra could possibly be an Indian individual. It's already understood that he is an Indian and the hints in the image are a clear indicator that he is indeed the next agent on the list in Valorant.

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