5 Valorant aim training routines that will make ranked climb easy in 2023

Perfect methods to train aim in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Perfect methods to train aim in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is one of the most competitive titles in the industry, along with popular FPS (First-Person Shooter) titles like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. Since its release, Riot Games has ensured players a balanced and fun competitive experience.


That being said, players are required to master a variety of factors to climb the ranks of Valorant. Aim being one of them, gamers must have decent gunfight skills to rank up. With the title stepping up in the new year, the competition is more challenging than ever, with more players joining the ranks.

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Follow these aim training routines to excel in Valorant

1) Miyagi method


The Miyagi Method has been one of the most popular aim training routines many players have been following for a while now. It is still a highly efficient method of training aim and discipline. This method encourages players to hop into a Deathmatch and track enemy movements without shooting.

This helps players gain better tracking skills while having a gunfight and boosting their trigger discipline. It is something every single Valorant player should include in their training routine.

2) Third-party aim training software


Aim training software can deliver satisfactory results to players who can dedicatedly exercise their aim. Aim Lab is one of the market's most popular and free software. It includes many playlists filled with great warm-up routines that can guide a player to fix various aim habits.

It also includes specialized playlists for games like Valorant, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends. Some of these routines also mimic real-game situations that put players in situations they will or might face in competitive matchmaking.

3) Deathmatch


One of the best ways to warm up and get a hold of one's aim is to play a good amount of Deathmatch. This game mode enormously boosts a player's confidence in taking gunfights. Since it is also played on real maps, one will improve.

Players do not have to worry about team composition or rank while playing Deathmatch, as their primary focus will be on fixing and practicing their aim. It is a great warm-up exercise and an activity to include in one's routine.

4) Passive aiming method


Passive aiming differs from active aiming, where players often rely on flicking. Passive aiming can be done by pre-aiming at an expected angle from where an enemy might show up. This can be practiced through a simple method of bot training or even in Deathmatches.

Players must pre-aim at as many angles as possible while maintaining a head-level aim. As soon as an enemy walks into the crosshairs, everyone will have to micro-adjust their aim to shoot the target. Passive aiming can practically do the work for a player if practiced correctly.

5) Metronome method


The Metronome method can help players gain extreme accuracy in Valorant with ease. All players have to do is open a Metronome website while also playing aim training software such as Aim Lab and start the Metronome at a lower BPM. Somewhere around 120 BPM is ideal for starters.

Upon setting up the BPM, one must try matching the beat while hitting the targets. An ideal Aim Lab exercise can be Gridshot. However, players can also try an exercise with smaller targets as it is more realistic. Sixshot is also an excellent choice for trying out the Metronome method.

Players can include the methods mentioned above in their daily training routine to get better results in Valorant. Following them thoroughly and consistently will help one climb higher ranks.

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