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A detailed guide on how to refund skin purchases in Valorant

Valorant showcases various cosmetics (Screengrab via Valorant)
Valorant showcases various cosmetics (Screengrab via Valorant)
Modified 28 Mar 2021

Valorant, since its closed beta phase, has seen some of the smoothest weapon cosmetics in any game.

Although they do not provide an upper-hand in battle, skins make one look flashy. Since the early phases, there have been many skins introduced to the game.

However, the game also comes with a couple of free skins. These cosmetics are called Agent cosmetics. One must fulfill the entire contract of the Agents to acquire these skins.

However, tons of other skins players may desire to acquire Valornat Points (VP). This in-game currency is used to buy skins in-game.

Skins in Valorant are a great way of personalizing one’s loadout. But not all purchases are worth it. Sometimes a player might want a refund for their purchase.

Considering this possibility, Riot Games added a measure for an easy refund should players opt for that option.

Here is a detailed guide on how to refund purchases made in Valorant.


How to refund in Valorant

A player can always get skins by playing the game and gaining XP through matches. One can get weapon skins from Battle pass. However, to get state-of-the-art skins, one must look towards the Valorant Store.

The skins in the store primarily rotate in two different ways:

  • The feature skins that rotate once in two weeks.
  • The individual skins rotate every 2-3 days.

If one really chooses to roll-back their purchase, they can do so very easily by following the next few steps:

  1. Open desired browser.
  2. Head onto the Riot Games website and log in.
  3. Look for the My Order History option.
  4. A detailed list of all the individual purchases will appear with a Refund button right beside them.
  5. Click on the Refund button, and the game will launch the Valorant Client with a quick patch, and momentarily, the refunds will be made.

Following these few easy steps, one can easily refund their unwanted purchases. Riot Games follows the same Refund Policy as that of League of Legends.

As per policy, there is a short period of time when one can refund their previous purchases made through a Riot Games title. According to the refund policy:

  • One cannot refund a Battle pass purchase.
  • Weapon skins, once used, cannot be refunded.
  • Weapon skin bundles are non-refundable.
  • Radianite Points are not up for refund.
  • Skins acquired through agent contracts are non-refundable.
  • There is a 7-day window within which one must apply for a refund if one chooses to.
Published 28 Mar 2021, 14:55 IST
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