Art of fear: Valorant Protocol's latest recruit, Fade, and her possible lore implications

Introducing the new face of fear (Image via Sportskeeda)
Introducing the new face of fear (Image via Sportskeeda)
Angshuman Dutta

Riot Games has done an exemplary job at creating an immersive experience in Valorant for players to get invested in. From a riveting overarching narrative to individual lores of the Agents that fit in and complement each other, the intrigue surrounding what is to come only increases with each new chapter.


Fade's introduction not only brings a new way for players to go about their favorite game but also shakes up the story Riot has been telling.

The Valorant Protocol had been plagued with the Blackmailer's dossiers for some time now. They have finally caught up with the mastermind behind it, and she is every bit as formidable as expected.

"Everyone is afraid of something": Fade brings an element of fear to the rich assortment of characters in Valorant

As soon as the first batch of the Blackmailer's dossiers were scattered around the game's maps, players were intrigued to find out who this shadowy, mysterious figure was, as she knew so much about the Protocol and its workings.

With everything going on, especially the opening of the Alpha-Omega bridge, everyone was interested in learning about her motivations and how Riot would tie her into the story.

Press play and let the world Fade away. Here’s a custom Spotify playlist for our newest addition to the VALORANT roster.

The Turkish bounty hunter is a Radiant aligned with terror itself. If her voice lines are taken as an indication, she has likely paid a grave price while procuring her terrifying powers.

The official biography of the Agent runs as follows:

"Turkish bounty hunter Fade unleashes the power of raw nightmare to seize enemy secrets. Attuned with terror itself, she hunts down targets and reveals their deepest fears — before crushing them in the dark."

She had someone of importance to her taken away, and she suspected the members of the Valorant Protocol to be behind the disappearance. She escalated her efforts and shared the dossiers containing private information of the Agents in an attempt to force their hands and reveal if they were the culprits of the disappearance.

The cinematic trailer released for the Agent showcased the strike team, comprising Neon, KAY/O Chamber, Cypher, Breach, and Sova, sent to Istanbul to subdue and bring back Fade for questioning. She put up a resilient fight, where she managed to affect most of them with her radiant powers.

Fade was only apprehended after KAY/O managed to take her down with a suppressing pulse.


Back at a Valorant Protocol base, she was held in one of the interrogation rooms, as many had already speculated during the changes brought to the Training area in an earlier update. Cypher led the interrogation efforts, where Fade finally discovered that the Valorant Protocol team was not behind the kidnapping of her loved one and that there was a mirror earth that may have been involved instead.

Having no other point of contention between them and likely a common enemy, Fade was allowed to join the Valorant Protocol as its newest recruit. It also worked in her favor as the bridge connecting the two earths would enable her to find her person of importance.


Fade's inclusion on the roster also allows the senior Agents a means to gather further information during their proposed scouting trips to the mirror earth. The allegiance with the Turkish Agent works as long as their goals align, and it helps her find the person she is looking for.

Fade states in one of the voice mails:

"I will help you scout this Omega earth, as you call it. But there can be no secrets between us. I will carry your banner as long as it brings me closer to him. With that said, if I even scent that you have strayed from your word, well, you will be lucky if you never see me again."

Fade's addition to the Valorant Protocol not only provides players with another Agent who provides crucial information that can determine the outcome of a round but also adds a significant scouting asset to the Protocol itself.

The upcoming update will show Fade visiting the mirror earth once and bringing back information regarding the next target for the team


Fade's relentless attacks on the private files of the Valorant Agents revealed their over-reliance on Cypher and Sova for information, and her recruitment adds more firepower to intel-gathering. Her unique abilities also make her a formidable ally that can be counted upon.

Players will be interested to see as the Act progresses and how she interacts with the other Agents, especially Omen and Chamber. For Omen, fear and nightmares play a vital role in his macabre set-up, which Fade already acknowledges.

Chamber will be apprehensive of Fade's spilling about his dealings with Omega Earth and his role in the destruction of Fracture.

"They brought along Omen. His fear is a sorrowful kind. Like a broken doll lost in the attic."

Valorant's ever-expanding lore has been carefully weaved by Riot for some time now. Users have been excitedly waiting to see a glimpse of Omega earth and its Valorant members.

🔻 Killjoy Shares the Good News | PBE 4.09 Email 🔻The Alpha-Omega Bridge is online and Fade managed to enter and come back unscathed.It seems Lisbon is hiding something of intrigue as well...| #VALORANT

The next map has already been hinted at, and shortly, the Valorant Protocol will likely be en route to Lisbon, Portugal. The Alpha-Omega bridge is already online, and an exciting time awaits the team.

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