5 best Valorant team compositions for Sova

Valorant team compositions for Sova (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant team compositions for Sova (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is a game that is constantly changing because of the new content additions. This shift can be in the form of new Agents or changes to the abilities of old Agents. Even seemingly small changes can change how players approach the game. To keep up with the changes, you must know how each ability in Valorant works and how the maps are designed.

Another important part of staying on the same page as the current meta is knowing what Agents to play on each map.

This guide will particularly focus on Sova and how you can build a team around him that will set you up for success.

5 Agent compositions that best complement Sova for all maps in Valorant

1) Sova, KAY/O, Omen, Killjoy, Jett


Ascent is Sova's playground. With paper-thin walls, Sova's ability to reveal the exact position of his enemies lets him exploit high-penetration weapons like Odin, Guardian, and Ares to get free kills everywhere.

KAY/O doubles up on Sova's recon-gathering by additionally suppressing enemies and makes entering sites easier using his flash. Omen is one of the best Controllers on Ascent, as he can play with his team and go around wreaking havoc on his own.

Killjoy is adept at keeping a watch on the team's backlines while on attack and is a menace to deal with on the defensive side. Jett is also a double-edged sword, creating a lot of space for the team on attack and using the Operator to lock down angles on the defense.

2) Sova, Breach, Astra, Killjoy, Jett


Haven is yet another top map for the Russian Valorant Agent. Being a relatively bigger and more open map, Sova's recon-gathering abilities become crucial for a team's success.

Breach provides additional Initiator abilities, such as flashes and stuns, that help the team take control of areas of the map they wish to challenge. Astra's global presence lets her act as the perfect lurker while fulfilling her generic Controller duties.

Killjoy and Jett fulfill the same responsibilities on Haven as they do on Ascent.

3) Sova, Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Raze


Fracture and Lotus might not be Sova's best maps in Valorant, but it is possible to get value out of his kit here when played well, that is to say, if the player knows suitable lineups and when to use each ability.

Breach, Brimstone, and Raze are the trio that specializes in fast pushes into a site. Combining a stun and/or flash from Breach, a Stim Beacon from Brimstone, and double Blastpacks from Raze, you can be in the enemy's face before they know what hits them.

Cypher fills up the gap that the rest of this composition leaves, which is not much. Cypher's abilities stay active irrespective of his distance from them, which allows him to alternate between going in with the team and getting into the enemy's flank.

4) Sova, Brimstone, Sage, Killjoy, Raze


Bind is yet another Valorant map where Sova really shines. His abilities can get good value given the relatively open design of the map's plant sites. That being said, the map is small enough for him to get value from his ultimate from one site to another.

Brimstone has always been the best Controller Agent on Bind since the early days of the game because of his ability to smoke off multiple angles at once and how easy it is to use his molly in post-plant settings.

Sage's wall helps the team get free plants on the A-site multiple times. On defense, she can quite effectively stall pushes and hold down sites. With both Killjoy and Sage on your side, you will be protected from flanks and should have a strong defensive side on a Valorant map already leaning toward that side.

Raze pairs up really well with the rest of the Agents as she can capitalize on the abilities of her teammates and do combos such as Stim Beacon + Blastpack and Slow Orb + Paintshells, and so on.

5) Sova, Skye, Harbor, Viper, Jett


Sova is traditionally a second choice on Pearl after Fade, but the Russian Valorant Agent can find good value on the map. With Skye doubling up on the information collection, the team should never have any dearth of recon while executing this composition in Valorant.

The combination of using Harbor and Viper was popularized by LOUD during the VCT LOCK//IN tournament. The composition specializes in extreme line-of-sight denial and getting plants down on the B-Site of Pearl. With this composition, you are almost guaranteed to get the B-Site.

Jett is one of the most versatile Duelists in Valorant right now and the most used across formats of professional esports. She will spearhead this composition, and the team's success depends on how well Jett performs in tandem with the rest of the utility from her teammates.

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