Champions 2021 vs Prime 2.0: Which is the better Karambit in Valorant

Prime 2.0 vs Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Prime 2.0 vs Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Karambit knife is an extremely fascinating addition to the plethora of cosmetics available to the players. Be it in their shapes, designs, or animation, Karambit knives have always been a distinct melee weapon in the game.

2021 has been a massive year with respect to cosmetic bundles in Valorant. A number of aesthetically impressive skins have made their way into the market for the players to enjoy.

Until now, Valorant had only one premium tier Karambit knife, which was the melee option in the Prime 2.0 bundle. There was another Karambit weapon in the game, Ruin, which was given in a Battle Pass. However, it was not a premium skin. The recently announced Champions 2021 Collection bundle is reportedly going to bring another Karambit knife to the mix.

Here is a look at both the Karambit knives in anticipation of the new arrival.

Valorant Prime 2.0 vs Champions 2021: Price, animation and other relevant information

Prime 2.0

The first Karambit knife was released with the Prime 2.0 bundle in early March 2021. The Level 1 of the knife has a pleasing spinning animation that sets it apart from the other melee weapons available in the game.

It has a sci-fi feel with a swiping attacking animation. At Level 2, the knife has an electric bluish highlight to it, and now the equip animation shows the knife being simply flicked down to open.

The Prime 2.0 Karambit cost 3550 Valorant Points. It can only be bought now when it arrives in Valorant shop or Night Market.

Champions 2021 Collection

The Champions 2021 Collection is an exclusive bundle set to arrive to commemorate the first Valorant Championship that is scheduled to be held in Berlin early next month.

The bundle will bring the second premium Karambit knife to Valorant players. Sporting gold and black, this knife will tie in with the annual Valorant Champions event. The animations for attack, equip, inspect, and idle are different from the ones that are present in Valorant.

Champions 2021 Karambit (with new animation and inspect) | #VALORANT

Level 1 provides all of the erstwhile mentioned animations. Level 2 gives the gold animation during attack swipes and a looping inspect animation. Level 3 unlocks the Champions aura, which is the gold highlight around the weapon, that is unique to this bundle. It is activated when the player is the top-fragger in the game.

Champions 2021 Collection Karambit knife will be available between November 24 and December 12. The bundle is priced at 6264 Valorant Points as reported by HITSCAN Ryan Central. The skins can be bought separately, although at this point it's not quite clear how much it would cost separately. The bundle is also exclusive to the event as the skins won't return to the shop or the Night Market in the future.

Which one wins it?

While the Prime 2.0 Karambit knife stays true to the Prime aesthetic integral to the bundle, it is markedly different from a Karambit knife. With Champions 2021, Riot has hit the nail on the head. This Karambit is the closest the players have to a traditional Karambit in the game.

The feel of the new knife also trumps the sci-fi sense of Prime 2.0. Champions 2021 Karambit knife feels like a much more refined take on the knife by Riot in comparison. The animations are decidedly more fluid in the newer knife, and it can only be hoped that future Karambits will feature these animations.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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