"Haciendo historia": Aguero delighted as KRU Esports eliminates Sentinels in incredible win at Valorant Champions 2021

Sergio Aguero congratulated KRU on their historic win (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sergio Aguero congratulated KRU on their historic win (Image via Sportskeeda)

KRU Esports has had one hell of a lower bracket run in Group B at the Valorant Champions 2021. Defying predictions and odds, they have managed to become the second qualifier to the knockout stages from their group.

This fairytale run has delighted the team's countless fans, one of whom is Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero.

Aguero, also the CEO of KRU Esports, could not contain himself after the team's historic win over Sentinels. The Valorant Champions 2021 was poised to be KRU's chance to make a statement on the international stage, and boy have they done that with this victory.

The former Manchester City forward tweeted the following to celebrate this significant moment:

KRU Esports knocks out Sentinels to qualify for knockout stages at Valorant Champions 2021

KRU Esports met Sentinels in the second elimination match of Group B on the penultimate day of the Group Stages. The NA team was tipped to win against its LATAM opponent easily, and map one seemed to confirm this prediction.

The first map was Fracture, and Sentinels raced to a 9-3 lead in their defense round with an impeccable Breach/Skye combo. KRU Esports mounted a respectable comeback, but Sentinels won it 13-7.

Map 2 seemed to play out the same way as the NA side clocked an 8-4 lead before switching sides. SicK managed 17 kills alone.

However, KRU started gathering steam with aggressive pistol rounds with the change in sides. Sentinels then failed to defuse the bomb by 0.09 seconds to make the score 8-8.

KRU then took it to 11-8 before Sentinels managed to tie it again. However, it was in vain, as the LATAM team won the map 13-11 and ensured that a map three would occur.

On Split, a map where Sentinels have been consistently poor, the NA outfit looked like they had shaken off the earlier loss as they went 8-4 in their attacking half.

Yet, the 8-4 curse from map two struck again. KRU Esports aggressively brought it to 12-11. Like the previous map, they again rushed a site at that score, this time B. Sentinels could not deal with the rush, and KRU won the game 13-11 and the series 2-1.

Reactions from community to this win

KRU Esports is the only team from the LATAM region and was the massive underdog going into this series. Also, the recent controversies surrounding Sentinels had alienated them to a large part of the community from that region.

The translation for the above statement from Aguero was provided in another tweet:

Other teams also chimed in, congratulating the team on their excellent performance and wishing them luck further in the tournament.

Fans of the LATAM outfit were also overjoyed. Innumerable tweets followed to showcase their appreciation and love for KRU Esports:

KRU Esports joins four other teams who have already qualified for the Playoffs. It remains to be seen how far this fairytale story will continue, but KRU will undoubtedly enjoy this win for some time.

Fans can catch the final day of the Group Stage to see the last three teams to qualify for the knockouts on the Valorant Twitch and YouTube channels.

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