How to get the Shuriken crosshair in Valorant

The Shuriken Crosshair in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Shuriken Crosshair in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Thanks to Riot Games' dedication to the community's interests, Valorant has evolved massively since its inception. The popular tactical shooter receives updates regularly, with each patch adding worthy new features.

The crosshair system in Valorant serves as an impeccable example of Riot Games' eye to detail. Most shooter games provide a basic crosshair system with realistic tweaking possibilities. However, Riot's competitive FPS lets players create the most unique crosshair styles to suit their playstyle.


One of the most popular crosshair styles that has come to the attention of fans is the Shuriken crosshair. It resembles a popular star-shaped weapon that is known to be in a samurai's arsenal.

Fortunately, Valorant fans who are intrigued by the Japanese weapon can easily get a Shuriken crosshair in their favorite video game.

Steps to create a Shuriken crosshair in Valorant


The Shuriken crosshair is not only a unique crosshair style but is also accurate. Many players have perfected their crosshair placement with the Shuriken and have no trouble hitting headshots with it. However, players trying it for the first time will need some practice to master it.

Getting a Shuriken crosshair in Valorant is quite easy. Players must first press the ESC key to open the in-game settings and then head over to the Crosshair tab. Now, they must create a new crosshair profile, and under the Primary section, enter the following values:


  1. Color: White
  2. Outlines: Off
  3. Center Dot: Off

Inner Lines

  1. Show Inner Lines: On
  2. Inner Line Opacity:1
  3. Inner Line Length: 3
  4. Inner Line Thickness:1
  5. Inner Line Offset: 2
  6. Firing Error: Off
  7. Movement Error: Off

Outer Lines

  1. Show Outer Lines: On
  2. Outer Line Opacity: 1
  3. Outer Line Length: 3
  4. Outer Line Thickness: 3
  5. Outer Line Offset: 0
  6. Firing Error: Off
  7. Movement Error: Off

Alternatively, one can use a special code to import a Shuriken crosshair to their profile list. To do this, users must click on the Import Profile Code button that is right beside the profile dropdown list in the Crosshair settings. Players can now paste the following code and hit import:


Shuriken Crosshair (Image via Valorant Crosshair Database)
Shuriken Crosshair (Image via Valorant Crosshair Database)

While the trending Ninja Star isn't as distracting as other unique crosshair styles in Valorant, it may not be the best for aiming and accurate placement. In competitive games, one could always find more success with a simple dot or a plus crosshair. However, it never hurts to try a unique style and prove one's perfection with an uncommon trend.

The latest update to Valorant's crosshair system now lets players tweak the horizontal and vertical lines of the reticle independently. In addition, players can set their crosshair style to any color with a Hex Code and save up to 15 crosshair profiles per account.

The new system also allows players to copy the crosshair profile of others with a simple in-chat command. Players can simply spectate the player whose crosshair they want to copy, type "/cc" in the in-game text box, and press the Enter key. One can also use this process to copy the Shuriken crosshair profile from a friend or teammate.

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