How to pick the best sensitivity settings in Valorant in 2021

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Valorant was recently updated with patch 2.08 and a new map named Breeze was added to the game.

The 6th map of the game was finally introduced after a lot of players asked for it. Episode 2 Act 3 brings the Forsaken Skin Bundle to the shop for players to purchase and a fresh Battle Pass. With all these updates a lot of new players have started playing the game.

Although Valorant has agents with abilities and a lot of utilities in the game, shooting and crosshair accuracy are still at the very core of the gameplay mechanics. A player needs to be good at the point-and-shoot style in order to rank up in this game.

Valorant settings entirely depend on the player's personal preference. In both Valorant and CS: GO accuracy depends on the correct Mouse DPI and sensitivity settings.

Precision matters in Valorant, with low sensitivity players can have a hard time flicking the mouse into place, reducing their reaction time. If the sensitivity is too high, players can have a hard time micro-adjusting.

Best VALORANT sensitivity settings

Sensitivity settings in Valorant depend on two things: the in-game sensitivity and the mouse’s dots per inch (DPI) settings. Both these factors will affect the crosshair movement speed as well as the aim.

In Valorant higher mouse sensitivity isn’t recommended as it's not a movement-intensive game. A DPI range between 400-800 is preferable and will give a smoother and more reliable crosshair movement.

After a player has selected their preferred DPI, they can now begin to experiment with the effective DPI (eDPI). To calculate that, the player should take the chosen DPI (lower the better) and multiply that by the in-game sensitivity. As a basic example, 500 DPI x 0.50 Valorant sensitivity = 250 eDPI.

Most of the players fall between 200 – 400 eDPI range when they first start playing. A simple 180° test can help a player figure out the correct settings.

To perform the test, go to the range in Valorant. Then take the mouse to the extreme left side of the mousepad and drag it horizontally across to the extreme right side of the mousepad.

The selected Agent will attempt to complete a 180° turn from one side to the other. If it successfully does that then the sensitivity is perfectly fine. Players should keep adjusting this to suit their gameplay style for a better experience.

Sensitivity Conversions

A chart is provided with all the sensitivity conversions from previous games.

Image via ValorantSource
Image via ValorantSource
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