How will Chamber’s planned nerfs for Valorant patch 4.09 affect his place in the Sentinel’s meta?

How can Chamber get impacted after the recent nerfs introduced to him in PBE 4.09 (Image via Riot Games)
How can Chamber get impacted after the recent nerfs introduced to him in PBE 4.09 (Image via Riot Games)

Chamber is the very first Sentinel agent in Valorant to introduce an aggressive playstyle to defending-based. However, that meta is likely to see changes as Riot Games introduces nerfs to the agent in the 4.09 PBE build.


After dominating back-to-back seasons, the agent is set to be tested with a reduced loadout, and his performance will be tested in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) build. This article will deal with Chamber's performance in the live build of Valorant and how his pick rates will be impacted by the change.

Chamber nerf in Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 3: Is it good or bad?

When it comes to competitive games, nerfs and buffs are common things that are introduced to keep the game balanced for everyone. While some nerfs can be brutal, like Jett’s, Chamber nerfs seem to be impacting, while keeping him playable.

The following things have been mentioned about Chamber nerf in the PBE 4.09 patch notes:

  • Trademark Charge has been from 2 to 1
  • The cost of each Trademark has been increased from 150 to 200 credits
  • The Trademark activation sound has been made louder than before

As is clear from the patch notes for the PBE, the nerfs are completely focused on his Chamber’s Trademark ability, which can automatically slow players down. This can also alert players when it is activated, like Killjoy’s alarm bot, which works as crucial intel for the team.

However, for Chamber, there may not be much impacting, as there have been no observable changes to teleportation and ultimate.

From a team support perspective, this nerf is very impacting as Sage gets two orbs to slow opponents as a Sentinel, while Chamber only gets one. This renders Chamber useless when it comes to stopping rushes, but he can make use of his other abilities to help teams out.

Players who use the Trademark ability as a tool for gatekeeping might look to Sage after this nerf goes live on the main build. However, players who use Chamber for aggressive plays will still be picking them. For which, his pick rates might not suffer that much after the Trademark ability nerfs in the 4.09 update.


Players can be more confident on their flanks with Chamber on the opponent's side, as he will have only one Trademark trap to deal with them. So, players who wait for making flanks at the late game can make use of this nerf for their good.

Many Valorant pros have also complained about his Trademark reduction as it slightly takes the point of him being a Sentinel and proposed alternatives to the issue.

One suggestion came from OpTic Gaming’s Chet who advised the reduction of the Trademark detection radius and not decreasing the number of Trademark traps.

What Riot Games will do after complaints from many players remains uncertain, however, some fixes can be expected to Valorant's live build if things go sideways.

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