"Huge W": Community welcomes Valorant hardware bans in-game

Valorant Hardware ban
Valorant community reacts on the recently implemented hardware ban system for toxic players (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has finally implemented the Valorant hardware ban as a huge step to prevent toxicity, following several complaints on social forums. The developer recently posted a video where Ana Donolon, the studio head of Valorant, addressed the player base explaining several types of bans including temporary, permanent, and hardware for the repeat offenders.

Moreover, Ana mentioned that there will be no place for threats of violence or hate speech in a game like Valorant. After the video was released, many community players praised the decision and expressed their views on multiple forums. One such fan commented:

“Huge W.”
Comment byu/DaBomb091 from discussion inVALORANT

Another fan, u/FleeRancer, expressed their goodwill towards the Valorant team by saying how much they have waited for this very moment. They believe that voice chat abusers will think twice before ruining the gameplay experience for some players as it could lead toward Valorant hardware bans.

Comment byu/DaBomb091 from discussion inVALORANT

Furthermore, u/sarcasticbatkid shared their poor experience about how a player ruined their ranked game by abusing in the voice chat alongside throwing the match to block team progress. Additionally, they feel relieved as these kinds of toxic abusers will no longer create multiple accounts to ruin others' gameplay.

From now on, these exploiters will eventually get a Valorant hardware ban as this will be a severe form of punishment for repeat offenders. Additionally, they’re hopeful about the smurf-detection technology getting improved too.

Meanwhile, another Valorant player u/5K337Lord suggested a way to make the community less toxic. They recommended adding phone number registration for being eligible to play ranked games. In such a way, Riot could also decrease the number of smurfs in-game. They said:

“You want to make the community less toxic, add phone number registration for ranked. Someone gets banned they just hop on another account for a week or two and do the same thing on that account. Would also diminish the amount of smurfs in the game, who are usually toxic to lower rated players."

They elaborated further by saying:

"You could also add a stricter party queue system so there are at least 3 people on a team that are solo'd so they out number the group. Trios should only be able to be matched with duos.”

Amidst a flood of positive posts, one fan, u/TheEternalCowboy, showed concern about the EULA (End User License Agreement) policy. Since Ana Donolon hinted towards a Riot voice-evaluation tool being in development, the technology must be using some AI-learning model to analyze voice abuses and threats.

Hence, the user wondered if Valorant’s EULA mentioned such things as letting people know about their voice being used for training purposes.

A fan showing their concern toward Valorant's Voice evaluation tool (Image via Reddit)
A fan showing their concern toward Valorant's Voice evaluation tool (Image via Reddit)

Another fan discussed the overall perspective of the Valorant community. Despite Riot implementing different forms of penalty systems in-game, the Valorant community will always remain toxic. They believe a handful of players will always put racial or abusive comments all over the social forums. This step regarding the Valorant hardware ban will never change the overall toxic mindset.

A fan explaining the overall scenario of the Valorant community (Image via Reddit)
A fan explaining the overall scenario of the Valorant community (Image via Reddit)

Riot finally brings Valorant hardware bans for repeat offenders

As mentioned earlier, Riot implementing Valorant hardware bans towards the repeat offenders stands out to be a positive approach to eliminating toxic players in-game. Following several posts regarding voice abusers from many popular content creators, it’s quite nice to see how the developers have taken such extreme steps toward the issue. According to Ana, many fans suggested using the mute option to avoid toxicity.

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However, that will not justify the exploiter’s behavior and they’ll keep ruining other’s gameplay. Hence, the developers have finally brought in Valorant hardware bans to eliminate the threat some users were experiencing during their usual Valorant matches.

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