"Okay, I want it": Valorant community reacts to Champions 2022 bundle

Fans react to the Champions 2022 bundle coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Fans react to the Champions 2022 bundle coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

The Champions 2022 collection is all set to step foot in the Valorant store this coming August 23. The Collection is an homage to the Champions 2022 tournament. Riot Games specifically mentioned that the characteristics of the skins will signify a player's potential when they are popping off in matches.

Fans have been very happy to have another Champions skin getting introduced to the game. The 2021 collection left fans happy and only wanting more similar skin lines from the game. Developers mentioned that they planned animations and VFX for the Vandal but could not get it out in time.

With the release of the Champions 2022 collection in Valorant, Riot Games have dedicated their time and effort to make the skin perfect. Fans have reacted accordingly to the news of release of the new collection.

Fans reacting to the Champions 2022 bundle coming to Valorant

Fans often have mixed reactions about new skin sets coming into the game, but over the past year, the most exclusive skins have received positive feedback. This year, the Champions 2022 bundle exceeded expectations for most of the community members.

Riot Games have announced the release date of the skin to be around August 23. It will be available throughout September 21, and once the Champions 2022 collection leaves the in-game store, it will not return to the store or Night Market rotation.

Professional players and teams reacted to the Champions 2022 bundle

Professional teams like 100 Thieves are very interested in the skin line and are sure about purchasing the beautiful set.

Professional player, FPX ANGE1, responded to the official tweet saying how he has to switch to Phantom now.

ScreaM, a renowned professional player for Team Liquid, sadly responded to the release of the skin line. He captioned how he only plays Vandal.

Community Reactions

Most players are ready to spend a hefty amount of Valorant Points into this Exclusive tier skin set.

However, some players are also comparing the Champions 2022 Knife to a popular CS: GO Butterfly Knife.

The long-running joke about an empty wallet continues to amuse the playerbase with memes. Since the bundle will be expensive compared to most sets, players tend to have fun with the situation the way they can.

A lot of community members are against the high price of the Champions 2022 collection in Valorant. The collection portrays the tournament as the reason for its exclusivity.

Many players are also curious about the price and amount of Valorant Points the collection is going to cost.

Some players are curious and surprised about the kill-count requirement for triggering the exclusive animation of the Phantom. It is undoubtedly high, but it also forces the players to perform well when they are popping off in a ranked game.

Lastly, gamers are happy to have a fourth Butterfly Knife in the game. Players coming from CS: GO are die-hard Butterfly fans, and it only makes more sense for Riot Games to keep introducing more such models.

Fans cannot wait till the release of the new Champions 2022 bundle and are expressing their emotions on social media since the Champions tournament is just around the corner.

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