Disguised Toast gets emotional and cries on stream after his professional Valorant team qualifies for VCT Challengers

Disguised Toast reacts after his professional Valorant team advances to VCT Challengers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Disguised Toast reacts after his professional Valorant team advances to VCT Challengers (Image via Sportskeeda)

On January 13, Twitch star Jeremy "Disguised Toast" dedicated a livestream to watching his professional Valorant team, DSG, play their deciding match to advance through to the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Challengers.

After DSG defeated Oxygen (OXG) Esports, Disguised Toast was overjoyed and took the opportunity to thank both professional gamers and the community. The OfflineTV member then became emotional and started crying on the stream.

"I'm just very happy for them" - Disguised Toast's emotional message following his team's advancement towards VCT Challengers

Disguised Toast hosted a watch party to spectate his team, DSG, competing in the Valorant Challengers League 2023 Open Qualifiers. At the 02:26 hour mark of his broadcast, Team Disguised emerged victorious after DSG steel killed OXG skuba.

Jeremy was blown away by his team's skilled gameplay and joyfully exclaimed:

"Yes! Oh, you guys made me so nervous! Oh! Dude, steel popped off. Everyone popped off! Holy! We made it to VCT Challengers! I don't have to fire anyone. Oh, they played so well! I'm so happy, mainly because I don't have to fire anyone. I'm not cut out for conversations like that. Oh, they played so good! Big shout out to Ocean, man. He built this team from scratch!"

Timestamp: 02:26:40

Roughly 15 minutes later, the former Facebook Gaming streamer stated that the best way for his audience to support Team Disguised was by supporting each player individually:

"Oh, yeah. That would make happy. Do you want to; the best way to support DSG, chat, is to support the players individually. Because ultimately, our goal is that... we want players to join like, DSG because it's good for their brand. It's good for their career, right? It's not good for money, I'm going to say it out loud now. I'm not paying as much as TSM or G2."

Shortly after, Disguised Toast got emotional and began crying on his stream, expressing delight with his team's performance:

"All the players who are on this team, they're here because they want to be here. I think all of them could've been on like, better teams. So... yeah! I'm just very happy for them. And I hope... I hope they are happy as well! Yeah, really thank you to everyone who helped make all this happen."

Fans react to DSG advancing to VCT Qualifiers

Several livestreaming clips went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with numerous community members reacting to DSG's advancement to the Qualifiers. Here's what they had to say:

Disguised Toast is one of the most popular personalities within the streaming industry and is well-known for his Hearthstone skills. The 31-year-old began his streaming career in 2016 and has since amassed over 2.7 million followers on his channel.

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