"I want him to have confidence in his calls"- DRX Flashback on MaKo's IGLing, 13-0 win on Icebox and return to the starting roster [Exclusive]

DRX Flashback at VCT Pacific Stage 2 (Image via Riot Games)
DRX Flashback at VCT Pacific Stage 2 (Image via Riot Games)

DRX has secured a spot in the VCT Pacific Stage 2 Playoffs after a commanding 2-1 victory against ZETA DIVISION. They started off Stage 2 with a crushing 13-0 victory on Icebox. While the team stumbled on Sunset, the squad fired back with a commanding 13-4 victory to win the series and become the first team to qualify for the Playoffs Stage.

This series also featured the return of Cho "Flashback" Min-Hyuk to the starting roster after taking a break in Stage 1 due to personal reasons. Flashback didn't miss a beat in his return with solid performances on all three maps including a surprise Clove pick on Icebox.

After the series, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Flashback.

Flashback talks about Clove in the current meta, old vs new DRX, and more

Q: Congratulations on the 2-1 win against ZETA DIVISION and securing a spot in the Playoffs Stage. How are you feeling right now?

Flashback: Everyone in DRX is feeling pretty happy with our first victory in Stage 2 and qualifying for Playoffs.

Q: It's great to see you back with DRX. How does it feel to be back on the VCT Pacific stage?

Flashback: I am very happy to be back on the stage and I am looking forward to playing more matches in the future.

Q: Did your hiatus during Stage 1 affect your mental in any way or did it serve as a motivation for you to come back stronger in Stage 2?

Flashback: While I was away, I just kept cheering on my big bros here at DRX. I knew I would come back eventually so I wanted to keep up my performance and not have it degrade. I kept practicing in ranked and here I am.

Q: DRX had a flawless 13-0 victory on Icebox and you brought out the first Clove in VCT Pacific. Do you think Clove is a very strong pick on Icebox?

Flashback: If we look at their kit by itself, it's not the greatest in my opinion. But if I play it, I can make it work as a great pick.

Q: Is Clove a better option for teams that want to take frequent skirmishes and play more aggressively in general?

Flashback: If you look at them overall, the way their skills work, I think it's perfect for teams who love to make aggressive plays and skirmishes. Anyone looking to play constant skirmishes can find Clove as a great Agent to pick up.

Q: Would you say that DRX is trying to adopt a more aggressive playstyle with the recent roster changes and MaKo being the new IGL?

Flashback: The change in IGL can influence how we play depending on the opponent and the map. Right now, our aim is to play as aggressive as much as possible and go for the constant fights. I can't promise you that this is going to be the constant effect as a result of the change in IGL in the future.

Q: You played an Initiator Agent for the first time ever on Sunset. Can we see more games where you get to play this role?

Flashback: If it helps the team, then I am up to play any role or Agent.

Q: Talk me through MaKo's role as the new IGL. What do you think of his strats that he brings to the team? Do you think he has the potential to be a great IGL in the future with more experience under his belt?

Flashback: This was MaKo's first game as an IGL. Despite that, he played amazingly well. I want to send my encouragements to him. If there is anything to point out, I want him to have confidence on his calls. He is making good calls and I just hope that he knows that so he doesn't get nervous.

Again, this was his first time as an IGL. I don't know what he lacks or what he is really good at but I definitely see potential in him.

Q: This is a different look for DRX, a team that has rarely made roster swaps. With BeYN and you joining the roster and stax leaving, what do you think is the limit for this new DRX roster? Do you think you can become better than the old version of DRX?

Flashback: If I have to call it right now, at this moment, our synergy is currently a little lackluster than the previous iterations of DRX. However, our individual talent and potential is much higher than before. Right now, we could work on a couple of things but in the future, we can show you an even better version of DRX.

Q: Do you have any thoughts to share with the fans supporting DRX and you?

Flashback: Thank you for cheering me on as always. I want to say that I'll continue to work as hard as possible to improve my individual performance. Thank you so much for cheering me on.

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Edited by Angad Sharma
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