Riot fixes Raze's Blast Pack bug that came with Valorant patch 4.10 

Riot fixes the Raze's Blast Pack bug (Image via Riot)
Riot fixes the Raze's Blast Pack bug (Image via Riot)

Riot has responded to players' complaints once again and fixed Raze's Blast Pack (Q) bug in Valorant with a small update today.

The Valorant community recently complained about an accidental nerf for Raze after the introduction of the new patch, 4.10, yesterday. According to some players, Raze's Blast Pack (Q) was nerfed, and it affected the movement of the Duelist in the game after the recent update. There was no mention of any changes to Raze in the new patch notes, and hence, players felt that the Duelist received a shadow nerf in the new update.

The developers were very quick to respond to this bug and fixed it immediately with a small update today.

Valorant developers also fixed the UI bug along with Raze's Blast Pack:

Valorant introduced the new patch 4.10 yesterday, and the new update is already live in the game around the globe. With this new update in the game, Riot has decided to make some significant changes to Agent Progress/Charge Bars for ten different Agents in the game along with some map changes on Haven (players can no longer walk up to the front of A site cover and jump onto the top of the C site cover without a boost ability). There are also several other changes that have been made in this update to improve the gameplay experience of the players.

However, whenever a new patch drops in, there is a chance of new bugs appearing as well. These bugs can negatively affect the gameplay experience of the players as well. With the latest patch 4.10 update, Valorant players have again experienced some new bugs and one of them was Raze's Blast Pack bug.


After the new update, Raze players experienced some uneasy movements of the Agent. Players were not able to travel the same distance as they used to by utilizing Raze's Satchel. Raze's ultimate, Showstopper (X), was also facing some issues, and this disrupted the gameplay experience of the players. Some even assumed that the Brazilian Duelist received an accidental nerf with the new patch that was not mentioned in the revealed patch notes.

However, the developers responded to this immediately and fixed the issue with a small update this morning. Players can now enjoy Raze's Blast Pack and Showstopper in the same way as they did before the update.

Along with the accidental Raze nerf, the developers have also fixed a UI bug with the new update this morning. Players have been facing some UI glitches on their screens since the introduction of the new patch and that was causing some visual problems for them in the game. Riot fixed that bug as well with the new update this morning.

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