Team Heretics crushes 100T, will face G2 in Lower Bracket Final

Team Heretics crushes 100T, will face G2 in Lower Bracket Final
Team Heretics 13-1 100 Thieves on Map 2 (Image via Riot Games)

Team Heretics has decisively defeated the VCT Americas Stage 1 Champions, 100 Thieves. In the Lower Round 3 of VCT Masters Shanghai, the two teams clashed in a Best of Three match series. The EMEA trailblazers secured a 2-0 victory taking not one but two maps straight to secure their place in the Lower Finals of the international Valorant tournament.

Now, they will face off against another Americas contender, G2 Esports. The team played against the Pacific team Gen.G today on June 7, 2024, and lost with a 0-2 scoreline.

Team Heretics defeat 100 Thieves and move on to Lower Finals against G2

Team Heretics put up a dominating performance against 100 Thieves today (June 7, 2024). The first map, Bind, was a 100T pick and went into overtime with both the teams going neck-to-neck with one another.

100T Asuna, Boostio, and Bang were among some of the top fraggers in the lobby and proved to be a force to be reckoned with on the map. Asuna collected a whopping 24 frags on the map as Raze. However, Team Heretics was seemingly one step ahead of its opponents.

Wo0t topped the lobby in terms of frags with a staggering 29 kills on Raze. He was given much-needed support from Boo, benjyfishy, and RieNs. Some risky gambles and flawless executes later, Team Heretics came out on top with a 15-13 score on Bind.

While the first map did not seem so dominant from Team Heretics, the second map, Sunset was truly the definition of a team being outclassed. 100 Thieves secured only one round throughout the map.

Team Heretics' performance was seemingly so overwhelming that the match ended swiftly with a 13-1 scoreline. In round three of the map, paTiTek secured a brilliant clutch after being hit by a Fade ultimate from eeiu in what was a very close round.

100T went into an eco buy, and that was perhaps the beginning of the end. The EMEA contender kept shutting down rush after rush from Asuna, Boostio, and eeiu leading to loss after loss.

Team Heretics finished the first half with 11 rounds, won the first pistol round during the second half, and finished the game with the second round with a Guardian two-kill combo from paTiTek.

Now they will face off against G2 Esports on June 8, 2024, to decide who gets to play for the trophy against Gen.G who has already made it to the finals. This will be the second time the two teams face off during this stage of VCT Masters Shanghai. G2 won against TH during their previous engagement in the Playoffs.

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