Valorant leaks show new map for Team Deathmatch

New Team Deathmatch map (Image Via Riot Games)
New Team Deathmatch map (Image Via Riot Games)

Valorant is Riot Games’ first-person shooter title that has taken a dominant spot in the competitive FPS genre ever since it was released. The developers have been striving to enhance player engagement by consistently introducing compelling new content. On June 27, 2023, they rolled out patch 7.0, featuring a respawn-style game mode named Team Deathmatch, along with three close-quarters maps.

However, with a five-month gap since the last update on the Team Deathmatch mode, indications suggest Riot Games is on the brink of unveiling a new map in the near future.

In an article covering the Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023, it was noted that Riot Games intends to unveil a new map for Team Deathmatch at the event. Since the official announcement by the publisher, numerous online leaks have emerged, offering a preview of the upcoming map.

Information regarding the map remains undisclosed at this point, yet certain conjectures can be drawn from online leaks. This article seeks to delve into these revelations amidst the community's excitement.

Valorant leaks show the theme of the new map for Team Deathmatch

Kingdom Laboratories, a well-known source within the Valorant community, has leaked details about the setting of the upcoming Team Deathmatch map. The leaked information depicts a sunny atmosphere with a laid-back beach backdrop. The audio captures a blend of wind rustling, seagull chirps, and the soothing flow of the sea, creating a juxtaposition as the clip concludes with the distant rattle of gunfire.

The Team Deathmatch mode features three maps, each drawing inspiration from existing maps in the game's pool. Kasbah takes its design cues from Bind, while Piazza and District are crafted with themes reminiscent of Ascent and Split, respectively.

Given the clues disclosed in the leaks, it seems that the upcoming Team Deathmatch map will draw inspiration from the visual style of Valorant's expansive and open Breeze map. The music featured in the leaked clip is a component of the ambient sounds heard in Breeze. Considering this, players should anticipate a Team Deathmatch map that surpasses most in the current pool, featuring extensive sightlines due to its larger size.

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023 grand finals to feature the debut of the new Team Deathmatch map

The new map's release date for the Team Deathmatch mode remains undisclosed. However, Anton "JOKRCANTSPELL" Ferraro, a member of the Esports Communications team for Valorant Esports, revealed in a recent article that the publishers are preparing to unveil the new Team Deathmatch Map during the grand finals of the Game Changers Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil, scheduled for December 3, 2023.

Riot Games frequently showcases new in-game content during significant events, underscoring the significance of the supposed addition to their character-based tactical FPS.

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