Valorant Night Market: Start date for all regions (Episode 5 Act 2)

When will the Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Night Market start for all regions? (Image via Riot Games / Valor Leaks)
When will the Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Night Market start for all regions? (Image via Riot Games / Valor Leaks)

Valorant will soon host a new Night Market segment right beside the official in-game store tab, offering players access to deals on their favorite skins. As announced by Riot Games, the popular rectangular box will appear in the game tomorrow. The recurring store event will remain in the game for two weeks.

Night Markets are hosted once every Act and usually appear a few weeks before an Act ends. This time, the special store will disappear one week before Episode 5 Act 3 commences in Valorant. The upcoming Night Market is also expected to tease the new Agent, Varun Batra, through its poster.

When will the next Night Market in Valorant start?


According to Riot, the Night Market will commence on September 28 in North and South America and on September 29 in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The rotating store will appear at 17:00 PDT / 2:00 CEST / 5:30 IST and will remain in-game until October 10.

At the beginning of the event, players will receive six flipping cards, each concealing a gun or melee skin. Users must interact with the cards to reveal different offers on six cosmetics. The discounts will remain in the store until the end of the event, giving players plenty of time to decide whether they want to take the deals.

Players cannot choose the skins they want a discounted price on. This depends on one's luck. Some are lucky enough to receive a whopping 50% discount on their favorite weapon. Unfortunately, the odds of receiving a premium skin of one's liking are extremely low.

This time, the Night Market will include 9 Select Edition collections, 14 Deluxe Edition collections, and 24 Premium Edition collections, making it a total of 47 skin collections in its pool. Exclusive and Ultra Edition collections are not eligible for the event. Newer collections like Reaver 2.0 and Sarmad will join the pool in Episode 5 Act 3.

Riot Games makes it a priority to offer new cosmetics from time to time. As of now, the design team has created and launched over 50 weapon collections. Most collections remain in Valorant's regular store for a couple of weeks, while event-related collections may stay for three weeks or even a month.

While cosmetics don't provide an in-game advantage in Valorant, many players swear by the 'skin buff' concept.

Riot Games usually attaches a hefty price tag to premium skins in Valorant, which may burn a hole in one's pocket. Hence, players usually wait for the Night Market to test their luck in every Act.

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