Valorant patch 5.07 will let players equip their favorite weapon skins at random with every game

Valorant patch 5.07 will let players equip their favorite weapon skins at random with every game. (Image via Twitter / @wydSkulls)
Valorant patch 5.07 will let players equip their favorite weapon skins at random with every game (Image via Twitter/@wydSkulls)

Riot Games is looking to add a much-requested feature with Valorant's patch 5.07, allowing players to equip a random, owned skin at the start of every game. The erstwhile PBE 5.07 tested the aforementioned addition, alongside a few Agent and other progression updates.

Further details regarding patch 5.07's release are currently unknown, but the upcoming update will likely be eventful for the community. Although the developers don't promise the addition of every PBE feature to the global version, most tested features appear in Valorant with the following update.

Valorant will soon allow players to randomize their owned weapon collection

PBE 5.07 came to an end on September 26 after being active for two days, allowing participants to try out some major changes in-game. It included features that allow players to favorite weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and level outlines. Players were also able to filter their collection based on categories and equip a random favorite for every weapon type.

This new 'Random Favorite' feature will allow players to equip random favorites for every weapon type. With this feature enabled, Valorant will assign a weapon skin from a player's favorite list. The skin and variant will be assigned at random, letting one wield a different weapon skin in every game.

The feature mentioned above will remove the need for players to manually choose skins after every game. It will also add elements of freshness and surprise as one can now cycle between their collection automatically.

Riot's offering in terms of weapon collections in Valorant is fascinating, but extremely pricey. Players often spend significant amounts of money to own a worthy inventory in the game. However, the absence of an automatic equipping system made the process of switching between owned weapon skins slightly cumbersome. The random favorite feature may very likely be appreciated by players with large skin collections.


The PBE also included changes surrounding certain Agents, namely KAY/O, Skye, Reyna, and Yoru, as well as bug fixes. The flashing utilities of the aforementioned Agents will be receiving interesting makeovers.

Furthermore, Riot made some interesting changes to the Fracture map, but didn't mention them in the PBE notes. The renovated Fracture map is expected to drop with patch 5.07, alongside the aforementioned features of PBE 5.07.

Valorant's patch 5.06 was made available to players a few days ago, bringing with it a host of changes. The update included changes to the Stinger's characteristics as a close-range weapon, influential tweaks to the Pearl map, and some bug fixes and social updates.

The next patch will most likely include all of the changes mentioned in PBE 5.07 and should go live next month. As of now, it's unknown if patch 5.07 will mark the beginning of Episode 5 Act 3 or if it will be a mid-Act update.

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