Top 5 Guardian skins in Valorant for 1775 VP or under

Best budget Guardian skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best budget Guardian skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant features some of the most unique weapon skins in a first-person shooter title. These skins aren't just eye candy, they also enhance the feel of the weapon due to the various animations they come with. Aside from that, they also feature sound effects, further improving the gunplay experience.

In Valorant, bundles consist of skins for different weapons along with a melee weapon variant. Players can purchase these together or individually, starting from 875 VP ($10) and going north of 2475 VP ($30) per skin.

The guns can be bought from the in-game store. However, they are not available for purchase as and when players want them. These appear on a rotational basis and can only be picked up when they appear in the store.

5 best pocket-friendly Guardian skins in Valorant

The Guardian is a hard-hitting rifle in Valorant. It costs players 2250 in-game credits, making it a viable option for anti-eco rounds. It deals 65 damage to the upper body, making it devastating in those anti-eco rounds where enemies would have a maximum of 125 HP. It deals 195 damage to the head, which enables players to take down enemies with one headshot across all ranges.


There is no doubt that the Guardian is a fun weapon to use. Despite being a highly skilled weapon, it has a fan base of its own. Giving it a proper makeover is, therefore, in order.

Here are the top five picks of the best Guardian skins in Valorant that players can get on a budget.

1) Oni Guardian


Oni was one of the first skin bundles introduced to Valorant. Since then, it has been successful in building a fan base around it. The Oni Guardian features a demon face on the body of the weapon facing the player, which lights up when it is being reloaded.

Finisher animation on this skin involves the enemy player's soul turning green and getting chained up mid-air. On top of this, it also comes with unique demonic sound effects that add to its value for money.

This Guardian skin comes at a price point of 1775 VP, which will cost around $23. It has four levels (three upgradable) and four variants.

2) Prime Guardian


The Prime Guardian belongs to the Prime skin collection. The default variant of this skin has golden accents on a black and white body, giving the proper royal and classy look it aims for. Shooting the gun with this skin-equipped provides a crisp and satisfying experience.

Prime skins were called the "pay to win" skins due to the fact that people seemed to be hitting headshots with this skin they wouldn't be hitting otherwise. However, it was later debunked as a placebo effect due to its distinctive sound effects.

Prime Guardian skin is priced at 1775 VP, which is around $23. It comes with four levels (three upgradable) and four variants.

3) Reaver Guardian


The Reaver Guardian is known for its dark and gritty appearance. Taking its inspiration from Gothic fiction, this skin line flaunts fang-like structures on the body of the weapon. Upon reloading, it leaves a short trail of dark aura behind along with special sound effects.

The default variant of the Reaver Guardian comes with silver accents on a purple body. The sound effects are strong and crisp. The bullets are also easier to keep track of, thanks to the colored bullet tracers that this weapon produces upon being shot.

This skin will cost players 1775 VP, which is around $23. It has four levels (three upgradable) and four variants as well.

4) Sovereign Guardian


Sovereign line of skins is not new to Valorant. They have been in the game since Patch 1.01 and have a story behind them. According to Art Lead Sean Marino:

"We imagined a world where a bird-like race ruled a kingdom in the clouds, with the royal family’s guard using the Sovereign guns (instead of swords) to protect them.”

Thus, this skin bundle brings about a sense of royalty and magic to Valorant. By default, the Sovereign Guardian includes a white body with golden accents. On top of that, there are blue gemstones engraved into the body of the default variant, giving that royal aesthetic.

The Sovereign Guardian comes at a price point of 1775 VP, which is around $23. It has four levels (three upgradable) and four variants.

5) Infantry Guardian


Infantry Guardian is one of the most budget-friendly Guardian skins in the game. The entire Infantry Bundle is inspired by World War II-era weapons. The gun, in particular, resembles the M1 Garand. The entire body of the weapon is built with rugged wood and metal, giving it the look of a rifle that survived a war.

Although this skin bundle doesn't come with any special animations or effects, the Infantry Guardian comes with the M1 Garand's iconic 'ping' sound, which plays upon emptying the clip.

The skin can be purchased for 875 VP ($10). It doesn’t come with any variants or upgrades.

These are some of the best Guardian skins money can buy. As already established, skins in Valorant aren't quite cheap. However, players on a limited budget cannot go wrong with any of the above-mentioned items.

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